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What would you like to change in the USA?

Completely collapse the federal reserve bank and end the global endless market growth driven system that is a consequence of the fractional reserve banking mafia. Move to a resource driven economy.

Is it better to have a lot in common with someone or be compatible with them I need your opinion

Honestly compatibility has like so many aspects and compatibility over what timeline. Bottomline who your compatible with today might not be the same in 10 years. And you're going to vibe with different people on different levels and waves. Like theirs physical chemistry, emotional and empathic, theirs sense of humor, then things you each enjoy doing, how each of you handle fights but main how well you make up from those then you have to think about what each person's goals are. So I guess it's really neither but so many different things.

How does it feel to experience failure?

Beautiful failures are just lessons learned. Failure proceeds growth everytime.

You’re so mature. And you wonder why shit isn’t working out and why I keep locking you and avoiding you

I don't care how you take me at all as long as you take me through hell

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

Twice once on the face that's why I got 2 scars and once right through my hand.

Have you ever loved someone so hard that didn’t love you back? Or at least tried to get someone’s attention that didn’t care about you?

Mhm currently am

Do you believe there's someone out there for everyone?

Nah some people are incapable of honesty and they will neber have genuine relationships because they are pathological liar's

Are you looking for hook ups or are you looking for a serious relationship?

I ain't looking for shit. I go with the flow, I ain't forcing shit ever.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

Crucified and Beaten He Deserved Every Bit For All The Prayers He Left Unanswered.

If you get a chance to talk to your ex or (to the first person that comes to your mind) one last time, what will you say to him/her?

I love you. Idk lol come with me to a place far away from here.

Do you believe that love can me make you go to your lover’s place and risk your freedom for that human

I'd risk alot more than my freedom for my baby


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