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So you ask a question and a bunch of random strangers give you answers or write paragraphs that you cba to read and couldn't care less about? That's all that is to this app? how boring and dull... yeah I'm gonna delete it

Okay cyassasss
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Why do people get so angry on this app and get confused/lash out over basic sentences and questions? They always assume you're trying to be sexual when you're not or can't understand an abbreviation. Why are people so pressed?

Bitches is why 😂

does anyone feel like every day is the same, and nothing exciting happens? days just pass monotonously


this guy said I don't need to wear so much makeup. do you think he'd like me more if I stopped wearing it? does he find me more attractive without it?

Do what makes you comfortable don’t let a guy tell you, you don’t need to wear so much. If that’s what makes you feel happy and confident within your self continue wearing as much as you want like damn sis paint that face ❤️

Do you judge people based on their spelling/grammar?

No way I spell like shit + don’t use grammar

If you have kids do you raise them differently from how your parents raised you? If you don't have kids, would you raise them differently?

I’m not sure I haven’t thought about it 🤨

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