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Is Volo Airsport still in development? It looks interesting, and I almost bought the Early Access version on Steam already, but then noticed there haven't been any updates on Steam or your blog for over ten weeks, and having been burned by abandoned projects in the past, this seems sadly familiar.

Still in development, and v3.5 is nearly out! You can play test version of it right now on steam, and read changelog and reactions here: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/t/volo-v3-5-test-version/
We're on the job, we've just been so busy we neglected to post development news on the blog. :)

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can you give me link to download to volo airsoprt for free?

Short answer: no. Long answer: only if you're a reviewer/youtuber of have a very special reason. Sorry, gotta eat. :)
We don't have a demo yet, but you can still download Volo Airsport v2, an old prototype of the game here: http://blog.volo-airsport.com/download/

Do you like sword-fighting by any chance?

I don't know much about it, and I've only ever wielded toy swords, but I do like the idea of sword fighting. I'm in a kickboxing class, and err, I play various fighting games, so I get the appeal. Sword fighting would certainly be an interesting thing to try, but it's probably more difficult to find a place to learn it at.
Anyway, why do you ask? :)

hi!! i'm french so excuse me please for my english. i like very well your simulation and i wait for the next updates!! i have one idea to add for the next next update: a "ghost" mod but not really. we could fly near the ghost on a new flight to do a movie like in real flight. so flight on formation

Replays and ghost recordings are on our todo list for sure! We'll work on online multiplayer first, since a lot of things we need to do for multiplayer will make it easier to add a replay system.
Oh, and your English is fine! Don't worry about it. :)

Would it be possible to have older versions as a beta option on steam?

Technically we could do this, but it would quickly go out of hand. We would need to make a new branch for each new version, and aside from that being impractical I don't think Steam will let us make endless branches. If you've bought the game through Humble you could keep your old downloads, so that would be the best way to do this right now.
That said, there is some merit in having old versions accessible. We have all the previous releases stored here internally, we'd just need a better way to make them available. So if there's enough need, we could see what we can do about this. Which leads me to ask:
Is there a particular previous release you're looking for, and why? If you need it fast, just send me an email and I can send it to you immediately.

Scratch my last question just found it in an old email address! CANT WAIT!

Glad you were able to sort it out! Happy flying!

HI Martijn, I'm an early fan as I purchased the game years ago, do you know when you'll release a linux version ? I'm waiting for it ^^ Thanks !

It looks like the most important problems (shader and plugin compatibility) have been sorted and we can roll out a version of v3.4 for Linux soon. We need to go through a round of testing first, which we'll do through Steam.
News on this very soon!

will you add explosions?

Non-playable explosions might make it into the game, but playable explosions are outside the scope of the design.

After I first bought this on the Humble Store it said i would recive a key for the Steam release, And it seems that time has come so why havent I recived one?

Steam keys will be available from you Humble Library as soon as Humble launch the game on their store, which should be early this week. Apologies for the delay!
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Will we be able to stream this to Nvidia Shield (Tablets). Some people simply don't have any way to hook a controller up to their computer and that would make the Nvidia Shield (Tablets) a perfect solution for them (if they have one)

I haven't tested this at all (don't have a shield), but this should work fine. Do you need anything special from us to enable this kind of streaming? I thought this kind of streaming technology worked with most games out of the box. :)
I'll also have to try streaming the game through Steam, which should be similar.

Love the game! Do you plan to make Wingman more realistic in the future.

Yes and no. We're going for a more refined look than the capsule-suit wingman (wingwoman?) is currently sporting, but we wouldn't dare go near photorealism. We actually kind of like the juxtaposition of the quirky looking stick figure on the detailed environment graphics, and with stylized characters we have more freedom.
When people say 'realistic', most of the time they mean 'convincing'. Right now the character model has its charms, but it's not very convincing yet. It should accurately reflect the underlying physics model, and show you what the wind is doing with the suit. It should somehow tie in with the rest of the world and not look out of place (unless intended).
If we take a stylized approach we can do things with the game that we couldn't otherwise. Take wind for instance, it's invisible right? In real life you can at least feel it, but we lack tactile input in games, so we have to find some other way to convey vital information. This is why in The Aurora Wager (our balloon flying game) we show while trails flowing through the sky.
Err, long story short: The final look for the game has yet to be decided. The character will become more detailed, more functional, more aesthetically appealing, but not necessarily more realistic. :)

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Will you have an option for iDeal for the dutch people who mostly don't have PayPal?/Nemen jullie een iDeal optie voor mensen in Nederland die vaak geen PayPal hebben?

Yes! (Jazeker!) The game will be on Steam real soon, and Steam allows you to pay with just about anything. They accept ideal, paypal, credit card and valued family members.

Do you have an email address where I can contact you about contributing? I'm not a twit....so i don't tweet, and i could only find your twitter page.

Certainly! martijn@ramjetanvil.com is the one you need. :)

What are those white, flying, orange trail leaving balls?

They are placeholders for little AI creatures I want to add to the game world to liven it up a bit.

When can we expect to see it on steam?

End of this month, or early November. I'm integrating the Steamworks software now, which is simple stuff, but we don't know exactly how long it takes for the build to get ready for distribution on Steam's end. :)

Hi. I installed the update v3.1 a few minutes ago and when i load up the game am underground and the menu is not loading properly? So basically i cant play the game :( Is there anyway to get around this? Thanks.

Hey, sorry about this!
It would really help if you could send us the output log produced by the game, as that will tell us what went wrong. Here's information on where to locate this file: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/t/known-issues-for-v3-release/132
Send me an email at martijn@ramjetanvil.com, or make a post in the Volo/Bugs forum category, and I'll help you out. I might send you an in-development version of v3.2 to see if it resolves the issue.

where is my download for the new version?

If you have bought the game recently through our website, you can log in to your personal Humble Store page and download the game from your library again. That's how you'll be able to get every new version.
If you have donated for v1 or v2 you should have received a Humble download key by email two weeks ago. If you have not, send me a message at martijn@ramjetanvil.com with your name and the email address used in the paypal donation, and I'll make sure you get your key.

can and how do you use keyboard controls

Mouse/Keyboard controls are now the default in Volo Airsport v3. You can also go to the input configuration screen to map any keyboard button to any action you like, whether it's switching cameras or pitching up/down.
It's not possible to use the keyboard in the older versions, unfortunately.
If you already knew all this, and you're actually experiencing a bug, let me know!

Hi, I just bought the game yesterday (you can thank Aypierre who made me discover it ;) ) and I was wondering, can we take screenshots ingame ? Because I've got a screenshot folder but I don't know how to take one :/ It's already awesome ! I'm looking forward to seeing it in the future updates :D

Tou can press F10 while flying to enter free camera mode, and press F5 to save a high-res screenshot to the Screenshots folder.
The screenshot feature is work in progress, and right now it only really works with a gamepad hooked up. If you want to try it though, go right ahead! :)

I am a programmer myself. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but is the game, in his current state, really worth $13. Let me doubt about it... Why is it, or at least looks so overpriced?

The game as it is right now is not nearly complete, and if you don't feel the $13 pricetag is worth the current version of the game, then it simply isn't yet. :)
Volo Airsport v3 is a baseline, a solid platform that we can build tons of content for over a long period of time. The people who currently buy Volo Airsport are the enthusiasts, the ones who really get a kick out of the deep and nuanced flight model that we built, and that want to support the game early so it can grow.
If that's not you, that's perfectly fine! Check back later, and maybe then you'll find enough there to justify a purchase.
We don't think $13 is absurdly expensive, to be honest. Destiny costs $60, and I wouldn't even play that if you gave me money for it. But for other people it's worth way more than that, which I think is cool. Each to their own, and all that.
Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. :)

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Hi Awesome game, I just got it! But i was wondering about a few things. 1 I bought the game on my pc and i wanted to know if i could download it on my mac without buying it again. 2 are you going to add buildings etc. 3 found a spot on the far right of the map, like a "wind machine"? glitch? thanks.

You can download the game as many times as you need, for Windows, Mac and soon Linux. You'll always have access to the latest version through your Humble Store Library page: https://www.humblebundle.com/home
(Take note of the system requirements on the main website though. Right now the game has some issues on Macs with Intel Integrated Graphics chips. v3.1 will fix a bug with the terrain being purely black, but performance on anything below HD5000 is not great.)
The playable area of the level is surrounded by strong winds, yeah. For now, their our more playful version of invisible walls. Have you tried soaring/surfing on them? :)

Hey! So, i purchased this game yesterday, and received and email from paypal that my payment had gone through, but i cant seem to find the place where i download the newest version? It doesnt show up in my humble bundle library either :c

Send me an email at martijn@ramjetanvil.com and give me the email address you used to complete the purchase. I can then look up your key and send it over. :)

In the future, would you plan to develop a more detailed character

Certainly! We're currently looking for a 3D artist who can help with this.
The style we're going for is not photorealism, but be assured that the character will be way more detailed and expressive. :)

Why is the wing suit blue

Because it's the only color Wingman has wanted to wear so far. He's very stubborn, you know.
Which other colors would you like to see?

I love it but somehow i cant use my xbox controller, its hooked up to my pc correctly and such so i turn it on and start the game, the controllers connected but seems to do nothing in game but my keyboard does, yet i have no idea the controls, can i have some halp?

A bunch of people have this problem, and I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is. If you have some time to help me find out why this happens, there would be a second download key in it for you, which you could gift to a friend. :)
Are you on windows or on mac? Do you have any other controllers connected? Is it a wireless or a wired controller?
You can contact me directly through martijn@ramjetanvil.com

Ah its working now, I guess it must have been the site earlier or just me

Glad it's fixed!
Enjoy the game, and let me know what you think about it after playing. :)

Im trying to purchase but get this when I click on the paypal option: 500 Internal Server Error The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation.

I just tried using the paypal option, and it works correctly on my end. Have you tried using a different browser?

Has the development of the Wingsuitflyer game by Becoming been any motivation for you to start making more progress? Have you considered joining forces with them?

A little bit, but not much. Of course a bit of friendly competition doesn't hurt motivation, but there were other, more important factors at work.
When I started working on Volo Airsport after graduating, I had little if any idea of what I was doing. That I got the prototype to work was a combination of blind luck and foolhardy persistence.
Those qualities are not really what you need in order to make a commercial-grade game of this complexity, right? It took me years of additional learning to get to a level where I'm halfway confident I can make this game, let alone ask people to pay money for it.
That's where we are now, and I think I simply couldn't have done it any earlier. :)

Is there anywhere i can listen to the music for this game? I'm a big fan of ambient music and it sounds beautiful. great game by the way!

Here's a zip: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/348111/volo_airsport_v3_music.zip
The music is made by Michael Manning, and it's only a small taste of the actual work we'll be doing. You can find more of his work here: https://soundcloud.com/michael-manning
He also did the music for The Aurora Wager, our other flight-related game. If you love Volo's music, you'll certainly love Aurora's as well. You can download the game and the soundtrack here: http://blog.volo-airsport.com/download-the-aurora-wager/


If we make it through Steam Greenlight, then yes! If you buy the game before then, you will get a Steam key the moment we launch on Steam.

There is support for the Oculus Rift but I was wondering if there is/will be support for devices such as TrackIR or other head tracking software. I unfortunately don't have enough money to buy the Rift and would love to have the freedom to look around me independently whilst I control the suit.

TrackIR is on my todo list for next week. :)
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When are we going to be able to open the parachute and save our poor skydiver from a gruesome rock related death?

I can't give you an exact answer right now! I just finished v3.1, a patch release that should make the game work for a bunch more people. Next week I start working on new features though. First up are some interactive props you'll be able to add to the level yourself to play with, but parachutes are high on the list after that. :)
For now, enjoy crashing!
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my laptop has 8GB of ram and a i7 4500u processor with intels 4400 integrated graphics. Do you think this is enough to play the game?

The integrated graphics would be the only thing holding it back. I haven't tested on intel's 4400 series, it might actually work!
Here's my offer: Get the game (now $13) and try it out. Let me know how it goes, and if it doesn't work out you'll get a refund. :)
You can contact me directly through: martijn@ramjetanvil.com

If I purchase v3 from the site now will Steam keys be provided if it gets a greenlight, or will we have to purchase again via Steam to play it via their platform?

While I can't guarantee it right now (because I've yet to talk to steam), the Humble guys at least have plenty of experience doing exactly this.
I'll let everyone know once I know more about how this works, but right now I'm optimistic at least. :)

Hey, im trying to set up my xbox one controller with the volo airsport demo, however i cant figure out what to bind with p1_armlclose, p2 armlclose, etc. i got the basic yaw and camera controllers done but is there a legend of some sort explaining what action does what so i can easily bind it ?

Heya! Sorry for getting back to you so late! We're about to release the v3 update with improved input configuration and a whole lot of other things. Here's a preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAEK5mNQnGgm_zandvliet’s Video 115321225502 uAEK5mNQnGgm_zandvliet’s Video 115321225502 uAEK5mNQnGg, and stay tuned to http://volo-airsport.com.
Anyway, the the arm and leg close buttons work well on the ABXY buttons. I personally have:
- A: Close Legs
- B: Close Right Wing
- X: Close Left Wing
- Y: Close Both Arm Wings
You only need to map the ones that start with "p1_", as those are for player 1.
Hope that helps!

Will V4 still have the featureless blue guy or will it look a little more like person? Not implying that I dislike the blue guy, I think he looks pretty cool :)

V4 will still have the blue guy, but I hope to get a modeler involved real soon!

Will there be any terrains similar to the mountains in Switzerland and France that real life wingsuiters go to?

I'm working on something resembling the Alps right now, so yes!

Is The Aurora Wager ''dead'' or will there be more updates?

It's not dead, but Volo Airsport is our highest priority right now. We have very limited amounts of time, manpower and money to spend, and so we have to pick one over the other. I really want to work on it some more though!

Hey Martijn, I was just wondering if you've ever considered making "The Aurora Wager" a multiplayer/LAN game, not only for split-screens ut for dual or multiple computers? It would be an awesome feature to an already awesome product. :)

I did, I mean, we did, I mean, we still do!
I hacked in split screen because it was easy to do, and it works, but it's actually kind of broken. The world streaming is still built around a single player, so if you split up the world will start to break down. So to do proper multiplayer I need to make the world streaming system aware of multiple players.
Apart from that we have some serious design work to do! The game world is still completely empty.
Anyway, Volo comes first right now, but we're not done with Aurora. :)

I could make the music for your game for free i'm a new producer i'm using more than 40 powerfull tools in fl

Hi! I'm really glad you want to help, but I'm pretty much covered in the audio department. I have a music production background myself, and have a bunch of friends ready to contribute.
A small bit of feedback for you, since it took me a while to get this myself: The tools you use don't matter nearly as much as what you do with them. A good musician can work with a lot of different material, no matter whether it's fruity loops, guitar, or anything else that can make sounds. So instead of mentioning how many plugins you have, just have a soundcloud page ready and link to some of your work that you feel really fits with the game/film/work in question. Explain in your own words what you think the game/film/thing is about, and how your music would improve/enhance/contrast that. This doesn't need to be an essay-length ordeal, but you really want to show that you understand the direction the creator of the work is trying to go in, and that you have something of value to add.
I hope that helps! (And hey, if you get that soundcloud page up, send me a link!)

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