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1. Age 2. Height 3. Do you have a girlfriend? 4. What are your best traits? 5. Any bad habits? 6. Pro choice or Pro life? 7. Dress or skirt? 8. Virgin? 9. Favourite Sports 10. Favourite movie 11. Countries visited 12. Do you drink? 13. Do you smoke? 14. Secret skills 15. What is your dreamjob?

1. 17
2. 5'3
3 nooo and im straight soo
4 hmm loyal smart kind
5. trusting to easily
6 pro choice
7 dress
8 yes
9 football volleyball
10 hmm IT
11 just states of the us
12 no
13 no
14 um not sure
15 English teacher

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what u up to lately ur almost never here anymore

im busy, im growing up im about to be a senior and I have to worry about my acceptance into colleges. I really miss you guys on here but no one really messages me anyway

u shouldnt date someone who makes u stop talking to everyone else a real bf would trust u enough not to ask u to talk just to him

thats why my "ex" and I broke up … I couldnt take it anymore.. plus he always worried and accused me of this I was done with his bs.. anyways who r u
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I have a very low self esteem and that's cause people don't accept me for me they always think that I'm not perfect just the way that I am. I get told that I'm pretty but deep down I don't see myself as that.

aww well I feel the same tbh.. no matter what ppl say im still ugly to myself. but if they want you to change who you are cuz ur not perfect to their standards then they truly dont care. Trust me changing for someone isn't worth it... be true to yourself the ones who stay are the true friends and family.
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i wanna break up w my bf and i’ve tried and he got sad. he’s trying to buy me stuff to make me like him but he doesn’t treat me like a gf and im not attracted

then leave him. girl dont make him bribe you with stuff or make u feel bad so u stay trust me that isn't worth ur time if u love someone then thats true... but if not then theres no point in faking it. plus u need someone who loves u and treats u like the queen u r


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