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Park the car for her, hold her hand when crossing the street. Surprise her with Starbucks. You know it’s the lil stuff that matters.

Sure is

I like the thought of being with my future significant other but don’t want to be overwhelmed by responsibilities when things start getting serious and we’re past the stage where we were once infatuated with one another. Do you believe responsibilities in a relationship can be overwhelming at times?

Always but not that's worth having comes easy

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If a guy mad at you he don’t love you for sure , if a girl not mad at you , she doesn’t love you for sure . Do you agree ?

No I dont

Why do women pretend to love you and then when they posing break it off with you do everything they can to hurt your heart is it not bad enough to know that you've done everything you can to rip a person's heart out and stomp on it for the fun of it?

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Cause they're pieces of shit

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Is it wrong for a woman showing cleavage to approach a man??

Yes she only has to use her personality not her body

Would you keep tryin to fix your relationship after finding out that your partner still has feelings for their ex ?

That's normal takes time

If you had a life long best friend that no longer put the work in to maintain the friendship would you continue trying to hold onto it even if you knew there was no point ?

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Yes. My BFF has been that since 1987 and my daughters middle name is bff 1st name and even though we live further apart and see less of one another. We will always be connected no matter what and I love her

Why Do So Many People Stay In Toxic Relationships?

Bes use they think they font deserve it or couldn't do any better or are scared of bring alone

How does it make you feel when people get worked up and upset by something you post?

Must have had a reason my posts has never done tbat. That I know of

Why does someone who claims that they miss me sometimes go a whole day without contacting me?

They're hoping u miss them the same and u reach out first


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