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winrina au titles
“ex next door” what will happen if the two exes live under the same roof?
“can u please stop fixing my things?”
“can u please stop being so messy?”
karina yoo as chantal kaede morales
winter kim as mickey grey santos
rina’s sister
isa as chantei kaela morales
rinas bffs
ningning as ashley may de jesus
lia as sofia coleen dela cruz
yeji as lucia amanda sebastian
chaeryeong as cassandra mariel molina
win’s bff
giselle as kiana nicole santos win’s couz
yuna as allysa kaye abella
ryujin as coco martin chz. nikki anne mendoza

Last order mo online?

chicken fillet ala king with large fries and drinks and additional 2 extra gravy.

If you were given a chance to relocate all expense paid, which part of the world would you choose? 🌎

i think africa

Ano gagawin nyo kapag may nag chat sayo ng gustong maligaw. Pero di mo siya gusto. Ano ba gagawin nyo?🤔😁 A. e goghost nyo. B. sasabihan ng ng di pa ako ready to be in a relationship. C. direktang sasabihin di kita gusto. D. ibang reply. ( example😆) Katuwaan lng to with a bit of curiosity✌️😁

i’m not interested

My crush is giving me real cold treatment yung tipong parang na awkward, nahihiya, iwas na iwas. Meron ba kong nagawang masama sa kanya? I don't get her. I'm trying to even look "clean" prim and proper in front of her. I'm interested but she's like fine with small talks and dead silence.

ask her first

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Napagkamalan ba naman akong bisexual kahit straight man naman ako. How to react. Tas yung nagsasabi pala na bi ako, isang bisexual.

tell him/her na u r not a bisexual in a formal way para di ka maka offend

Tangina sa part na ako yung kailangang mag adjust. If not, people always choose to leave. 😭😭😭

people always come n go

In this era, ano na sa tingin mo purpose ng relationship (bf/gf) A. To evade ones loneliness B. To have partner in lust C. Try and error D. For moral support E. To boost ego ( I didnt include love, bcz the ithink theres no absolute love in these days, soplease chooseonlyoneanddontaddoptions)

i think A. and B

Pano kayo nakamove on? Gano katagal?

ej_ej_’s Profile Photoej_ej_
actually pagiging adik ko sa kpop nakakulong sakin makamove on but 3 years yung tumagal bago ako naka move forward hahaha


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