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I was born with a clean soul. I made it dirty with my sins. How to clean it again? How to seek such forgiveness from Allah that i become clean again?

Just, sit alone and talk to yourself.
Remember each sin you have been through, no matter how big or smaller it is.
Write is down, read it twice thrice. Make your mind. Whenever you are ready burn that page.
And make sure you dont rapeat them, ask for his forgiveness.
Do extra efforts, so he knows you have really changed your mind.
Dont worry, hes the ALMIGHTY, the most MERCIFUL. He doesnt sees us like stupid humans see us,
When you ask for his forgiveness he grants it, HE'LL be happy to see you. HE'LL inshaAllah Forgive you.

What about you do you seem to get the most comments about?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I'm from da east side. These b^tches don't know me. I was born in the hood. Bang, bang. Shootouts in every corner. Don't play with me. I have the whole city mad. Lord knows I'm a sinner that want to change. Praying on her knees... Hoping heaven gates will open when I die. I'm a ridah for life. Dated criminals. One in prison rn. I look like an angel. I have demons spinning around me. Came back from death. Homie betrayed me and I punched her head non stop. She pleaded. Lucky the angel of me told me to stopped. You know I'm force to be reckoned with. Think twice when you try with me.

What is your favourite comfort food?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
Recently I've been making an effort to really think twice about what I eat. But one comfort food I'll always allow myself to indulge in is some vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce! Especially now when it's summer and hot outside 🍨
What is your favourite comfort food

What's your relationship with unknown phone calls? Do you answer them or ignore them? 🔌☎️ If you don't pick up when unknown numbers call, what would it take for you to answer those calls?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I always check the landcode. If it’s any other than from The Netherlands, it’s an instant decline and block since all of the foreign calls are scams.
I ignore anonymous calls, unless they call twice. Any other number I usually ignore, then search up the number online. If I find out they’re okay, I either call them back or wait till they call me again.
I’ve noticed that if people really need to contact you, they will try again. Any other phone call can be seen as unnecessary in my opinion.

If you saw him twice, then why didn't he give you your birthday present the first time?

I saw him last year on September 19th and this year in January for Christmas he got me this bracelet that didn’t fit me and sweats and a sweater with his brand name that he still has to finish so he didn’t show me and he has to get the bracelet re-fitted lol

👑 ITZY x Elle Singapore Interview

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 | ITZY Poland
✏️ Jakie są Twoje dotychczasowe doświadczenia z międzynarodowymi trasami koncertowymi?
Yuna: Częste poruszanie się może być męczące. Zarządzanie siłą fizyczną było dla mnie trochę trudne. Niemniej jednak czuję się ogromnie nagrodzona, że mogę widzieć MIDZY patrzących na mnie z widowni.
✏️ Kto miał na ciebie wpływ, gdy dorastałaś?
Yuna: Podziwiam wspaniałych artystów, takich jak Twice, Blackpink i IU. Jest taka piosenka, która bardzo mi się podoba, a którą polecili mi MIDZY, zatytułowana „Sunny Days” koreańskiego zespołu rockowego Wave to Earth. To w jakiś sposób mnie uspokaja.
✏️ Jakiej rady udzieliłabyś młodszej sobie?
Yuna: Droga młoda Yuno, radzisz sobie dobrze. Wkrótce poznasz wielu dobrych ludzi, którzy cię pokochają, więc przygotuj się!
✏️ Jakie są Twoje ulubione zajęcia, gdy nie pracujesz?
Yuna:Uwielbiam gry, książki i dramy. To było ciekawe pięć lat dla ITZY.

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ITZY x Elle Singapore Interview

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one book with you, what would it be?"

yournicegirl7845’s Profile PhotoAntonella
That’s the book I’m currently searching for since I usually don’t read books twice unless I’m really bored or if I want to experience the feeling I felt when I first read a certain book. If I were to choose to read a book all over again, I would choose to read A flaw so beautiful by Alora Kate.

En sevdiğiniz film yada seri? 🐼

CRaZYBeaRDWBH’s Profile PhotoAhmet Adil ÖNDER
En son seri film olarak Baztan üçlemesini seyrettim, gerilim tarzı sevenler için tavsiye ederim, gayet güzeldi.
1. Gardiyan
2. Kemiklerin mirası
3. Fırtına için bir kurban
Tek film olarak da dün akşam seyrettiğim bir filmi önereceğim.

Live twice, love once (iki kere yaşa, bir kere sev)

How many times you repeat the same clothes without washing 😝 lame question I know lol 😂😂😂😂 hahaha 😂😂

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
If it’s my hanging out at home or going to the horses clothes, a few times but nicer stuff max of twice usually unless it’s a jacket. Not usually two days in a row though but maybe in the same week and then wash it after the second time

how many times do u think before sending a question here?

hahahahaajeebahahahahahha’s Profile Photodead
The first time I sent a shout-out, I felt like I was burdening people so I sent another one with an apology. Now, I don't think twice before sending out questions because, honestly, Askians CRAVE good questions and I know I'd love to answer my questions. So, yes, just send out questions guys.

Women, children and dogs loved unconditionally

TheGrayMan26036’s Profile PhotoTheGrayMan26036
Love a man unconditionally, without expecting anything but care, consideration, and attention in return, and watch him treat you like you have no value.
There is a reason things are the way they are. Man will walk all over a woman who loves him unconditionally without thinking twice. Whereas, he would never disrespect a woman who makes him feel like a man.

How many times you repeat the same clothes without washing 😝 lame question I know lol 😂😂😂😂 hahaha 😂😂

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
That’s not a lame question! lol! I don’t re-wear clothing but I do wear my jeans twice before I wash them. I can’t wear them more than that because the denim relaxes and they’re falling off constantly. 😅🙄 I’m sometimes guilty of wearing something for only a half day and changing and considering both sets of clothing “dirty” 😬😬😬.
How many times you repeat the same clothes without washing  lame question I know

What’s your hair care routine (if you have one)?

I was my hair twice a week. I shampoo twice, use conditioner or a coloured hair mask (for my highlights) and I apply leave-in conditioner after I’m done.
I only brush my hair once or twice a day, touch it as less as possible, I always let it air dry, never use heating tools and I sleep with a silk bonnet.
I use products with the right ingredients for my hair: no sulfates and no silicones. Since then my hair quality improved a lot!
Whats your hair care routine if you have one

What, if anything, worries you about getting older? I know some people say “growing old is a privilege” but lots of things about aging suck 👴🏻👵🏻

Hahahah, want to see a picture of my grandpapa? This is his red wine dispenser - it’s installed above the aga to ensure that his wine is at the perfect temperature all the time. He walks the dog twice a day, reads both versions of the Times, does whichever gardening that the gardener has not done, reads a book, watches some sport, goes out with his friends. Occasionally a doting grandchild will travel up to see them (it’s me 😂) and they’ll play poker until the early hours and drink the good gin.
I’m so okay with growing old. It looks rad.
What if anything worries you about getting older I know some people say growing

How do you make the most of your shampoo without washing away the majority of it away?

What do you mean with ‘washing the majority of it away’? You’re supposed to wash your shampoo away after you’re massaged it all over your scalp, it’s not a leave-in kind of product.
I wet my hair for a while before applying shampoo, this way my shampoo spreads much better over my scalp. I use a tiny bit, about the length of one index finger, and I rinse twice with shampoo. This way I’m able to clean my hair well without using a lot of product.
I also make sure that my hair doesn’t touch the shower stream when I’m applying and massaging, so I don’t rinse away my shampoo before I completely divided it all over my scalp.
How do you make the most of your shampoo without washing away the majority of it

Кого биасишь? Возможно ты уже отвечала на этот вопрос конечно

Конечно отвечала, но мне не трудно повторить.. P. S: в списке далеко не все, но основные попыталась указать)
Сразу буду отмечать и ultimate bias. Скажу заранее, я в курсе, что некоторые участники бывшие в группах. Окей погнали, надеюсь символов хватит...
🖤 STRAY KIDS - ot8. Хван Хёнджин, Бан Чан, Ли Ноу.
🖤 BTS - ot7. Мин Юнги, Пак Чимин, Чон Чонгук.
🖤 ATEEZ - ot8. Пак Сонхва, Чхве Сан, Ким Хонджун, Сон Минги.
🖤 ITZY -ot 5. Хван Йеджи.
🖤 ENHYPEN - ot7. Нишимура Рики, Ян Джонвон.
🖤 BLACKPINK - Пак Чхэ Ён (Rose).
🖤 TOMORROW X TOGETHER - ot5. Чхве Ёнджун, Чхве Бом Гю, Чхве Субин.
🖤 The Boys - Джу Ханён, Ёнхун, Сону.
🖤 MONSTA X - I. M.
🖤 (G) I-DLE - Соён.
🖤 IVE- Вонён.
🖤 NMIXX-Лили.
🖤 SHINEE-Тэмин, Минхо.
🖤 GOT7-Джексон.
🖤 EXO - Кай.
🖤 XDINARY HEROES - Чонсу, Од, Гаон.
🖤 TWICE - Наён.
🖤 BTOB - Минхёк.
🖤 SEVENTEEN - Джошуа, Мингю, The8, Дино.
🖤 XIKERS-Сумин, Чонхун, Хёну.
🖤 P1HARMONY - Кихо.
🖤 2PM-Тэкён.
🖤 ASTRO - Мунбин, Ча Ыну, Сонха.
🖤 BIG BANG - Тэян.
🖤 DAY6 - Ёнкей, Джэ.
🖤 IKON- Бобби.
🖤 KINGDOM - Муджин, Айван, Чиу.
🖤 NCT-Ян Ян.
🖤 OMEGA X- Хангём, Xen, Хёк , Чонхун , Хвичан.
🖤 ONEUS - Лидо, Сион.
🖤 PENTAGON-Юто, Джинхо, Хонсок.
🖤 SF9-Тэян, Ёнбин
🖤 TEMPEST- Ынчан, Ханбин, Хваран.
🖤 TNX-У Ёнджун.
🖤 TREASURE - Йоши.
🖤 VICTON - ot6.
🖤 XEED-ot4.
🖤 X:IN- Иша, Нова.
🖤 LE SSERAFIM - ot5, Казуха, Сакура, Гарам.
🖤 AESPA - Карина, НинНин.
🖤 BABY MONSTER-ot7, Аса, Рука, Ахён.
🖤 EVERGLOW-Айша, Шихён, Ирен.
🖤 FROMIS_9- Чживон, Нагён.
🖤 KARA-Ёнджи.
🖤 MAMAMOO - ot4, Мунбёль, Сола, Хваса.
🖤 PURPLE K¡SS-Нагоын, Чэин.
🖤 RED VELVET-Сыльги.
🖤SECRET NUMBER-Джинни, Дэнис.
🖤NEXZ - ot7, Томоя, Ю, Сейта, Юки.
🖤KISS OF LIFE - Белль, Натти.
🖤SPIA - Кая, Сэра.
🖤 ALL(H) OURS - Джейден.
И. Т. Д..
А так же :

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Кого биасишь Возможно ты уже отвечала на этот вопрос конечно

Something nice which you read lately:

aleenakamran7’s Profile PhotoAlee.naaah
Bjork said “You’ll be given love. You’ll be taken care of. Maybe not from the sources you’ve poured yours , maybe not from the direction you’re staring at but twist your head. It’s all around you.”
But Fitzgerald said, “there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

How do you deal with depression?

FallenAngel1991x’s Profile PhotoHana Cruz
I spend a lot of my time being online and relaxing but lately, I’ve been in relaxation mode all the time and maybe it’s just my depression that’s making it harder for me to focus on anything that doesn’t interest me so I escape my “boring” obligations by being on my phone. I talk to my family members everyday, text my friends, sleep throughout the day or take multiple naps when I’ve got work to do but no energy to get anything done, listen to music, rely on my parents to pick up the slack for me, and easily get triggered by the things people normally wouldn’t even think twice about. I’m not dealing with depression as much as I am letting it consume me nowadays.

How often do you visit Harrods ? 🛍️

Qatari999243’s Profile Photoآل ثاني
When I was a student nearby I used to get my hair cut there as they had special cheap rates for students that actually made it competitive.
I do still go in sometimes if I happen to be walking past, but that's probably only once or twice a year, just to have a look around. The last thing that I bought there was a Santa Clause fridge magnet.

> i kicked him out of the house twice or possibly more for “someone” > you know i’d ditch my life for even a irl friendship with you - Therein lies the problem. If you could toss someone aside after so many years for an a55hole from Brooklyn, how long would I keep your attention? Five minutes? 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
You know THAT story too. It was a great and magical relationship where I was treated very well, right? Stop playing. 🤣🤣🤣 You have my eternal attention whether you want it or not. As if I’d ever leave YOU. 🙄 You know how I feel about you. 😡🤣💗

How important is it to you to have friends? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
It’s never been important or something I wanted or sought but I’ve me and some people here on Ask have naturally gravitated toward each other and I’d never want to change that. I might try out having a real life friend too that wants to hang out with me. We’ve been acquaintances for a couple decades but only met once or twice.

Ever been bitten by an animal? What happened?

nikki_rides’s Profile PhotoNᴏᴄᴛᴜʀɴᴀʟ Eᴏ̨ᴜᴇsᴛʀɪᴀɴ- Nikki
I have just been bitten by a bee twice but thankfully I have been lucky enough to avoid any dangerous encounters with animals. Although I did get chased by a pack of geese once when I was younger. It was quite scary at the time, but looking back on it now, it is kind of funny. 🌻

If you have a pet, what's the funniest thing you've seen them do? If you don't have a pet, have you seen any other animals do something funny?😹

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Since no one cared about my dream, I'm going to tell it here.
So I had this dream where I was on a huge cruise ship and I made me some tea. And I couldn't touch the big glass because it hurt (yup, I drink tea from a 0.5l glass). Once, twice, the third time- I woke up to my rabbit biting my finger. 😁 Apparently, she kept bit me for some pets.

Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

I don’t agree with this and think that therapy helps keep people stable emotionally and mentally since I’ve been very emotionally unstable before I started seeing a therapist towards the end of 7th grade. I did see a therapist when I was in elementary school but only once or twice and then never saw them again so that was quite pointless in my opinion. Before seeing a therapist in middle school, I didn’t have anyone I considered a friend and made the mistake of thinking my therapist was like a friend of mine but of course, I was young back then and didn’t really focus on myself or understand the point of therapy that much. Therapy helped me feel heard and understood and even tho I didn’t realize the real purpose of going to therapy as a teen, I did feel a sense of calm, knowing there was someone I could confide in after having a bad week. As an adult now, I quit working with my therapist a few months ago because I wasn’t making much progress with her and our personalities just didn’t click so I didn’t even want to talk to her if I’m being honest. If I could go back with the same knowledge that I have now, I’d definitely take my previous therapists more seriously rather than solely seeing them as a friend to talk to but that doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from them back then either. I think it’s important for therapists to give teens a reality check every once in a while if/when they notice they’re being treated more as a friend by them instead of the therapist that they are and when the teens aren’t listening to what they ask of them to do.

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Have you ever helped a friend with his homework in return for something specific? I have done it twice.

Ya_7abibi’s Profile PhotoDiaa
I used to help an in old school friend with his maths, but not to get anything in return. Sometimes the act of explaining something to someone else helps you understand it properly too. However, I found out recently that he's currently in prison for a massive insurance fraud. Probably best not to do that sort of thing if you're no good at maths.

(sorry if you receive this twice) I was just wondering what games do you all like on Nintendo Switch?

kandydevil’s Profile PhotoRaakel
Legend of Zelda BOTW, Star Wars Jedi Academy, NieR Automata, Final Fantasy 7, DBZ Kakarot, Spyro trilogy, Kingdoms of Amular ReReckoning, Lego anything lol. Also get a good arcade pack with the classic games Space Invaders, Pac Man, Slaughterhouse, etc lol
Sorry everyone has to find out this way... I'm a nerd
sorry if you receive this twice I was just wondering what games do you all like

Wanted to reciprocate your message about loving ourselves more… So I’d like know, what are three or more things you love about yourself? 💖

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
1. My mind works faster than my body. My thought chain can get from what's for the dinner to playing different scenarios in my head when I'm 20 years older. 🥺
2. Some things are very easy to solve. Like... different situations and finding solutions for them. I can actually surprise people and myself once in a while with some great problem solving skills.
3. It's hard for me to back down. I'm stubborn af. It has its good and bad side. But from the good side, I'll get what I want even though it will take time or money. Getting what I want makes me happy/content.
4. One thing(and only) that makes me a good person is that I feel so guilty about many things. I analyse my day, and I make sure not to repeat things that make me feel guilty about something. Feeling guilt is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.
5. Like I said, I don't have friends, but I'm very... generous to my inner circle. I won't think twice if I have a chance to make them happy.

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