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Which profession do you respect the most? Teacher, physician, scientist, lawyer, farmer, or police officer?

None of them

during a company wide zoom presentation our CEO was asked to address the protests & antisemitism. He said people are responsible for the actions their governments take. Omg everyone was shocked. He ended up sending out an apology email. His rich white man privilege is disgusting

Gotta love white cis men

Knowing that it’s not very healthy, do you still drink soda and/or have sweets first thing in the morning sometimes?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Every day

🥵🥵 it's so freaking 🔥 today. What's the temperature in your location? I'm at 78 & it's only 1:07.

Milky8889’s Profile PhotoyEET
78 is not hot lol . It's 63

How did some people manage to be on this app for 10+ years? How can you deal with so much toxic energy, bullying ,harassment, racism, ableism, bigotry etc? I've been here a year and someone told me to go back to my country.

Because I've dealt with worse and I like to troll bigoted people

Do you hope to be a parent one day and if you already are a parent, have you always wanted to have kids?

Never wanna be a parent and can't have kids anyway

What are some good TV series you’ve watched recently?

Madylw19’s Profile PhotoMady
I've been rewatching Community, The Inbetweeners, Modern Family and George Lopez. Haven't watched anything newer recently except for Ted and Ahsoka.
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Why do women need attention from different people instead of one real one??

A lot of people are like that, not just women and it's completely normal.

How do you deal with your depression when it gets real bad? I can’t afford therapy.

Have outlets, it helps. Therapy doesn't always work and it takes time to find the right therapist.
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Are you single if you’re talking to someone who you see as a potential mate

I see more than one person as a potential partner

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t romantically be involved with someone due to your religious differences and what would you do if you were interested in someone who had different religious beliefs than you?

I'd never be interested in someone who's religious because Im big on anti religion and hate people who are religious.

Can a man really be committed to one woman?

It depends on the person. Im usually committed to multiple partners

Your soulmate is the person you were dating in 2020‼️ 💯

I was dating 3 people and none of them were


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