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I have never known sum1 to take as much pain as you and be as strong as you are

I’m ready to get my dick sucked

I am in effect the ASK FM reporter. I am with KRCK news 8. I have freedom of the press. 👿👿 I am sorry to make people mad.


I’m not “stalking” or even looking at any of ur socials. I’m not trying to get u to talk to me, or to weasel/ “butt” into ur life again. I’m not interested. I remember u fondly (the good times), and hope everything works out for u. But it’s over. No worries. No hard feelings. No need for forgiveness

Yo who is this ?

I love you. I wish I could be in your life, but I don’t want to be. Because you don’t want me in your life, so it wouldn’t work. Trust me, I don’t go where I’m not wanted. Even if I want to be there. No point in that. I was just thinking about what I’d be like to hug you again and was like🥰



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