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You don't know jack shit. Your not intuitive. You don't have any claires. You don't telepathically communicate. Or astral project. You don't speak to me through music. And your not even real. No dreams or realities. WHATSOEVER !!!;

You dont know jack shit Your not intuitive You dont have any claires You dont

Ever tried being there for them but they didn't want you to be?

Yeah then they just keep going through it like they don’t want to change or put in the work and when I ask for help they just keep doing the opposite of what would help cause they don’t wanna do anything different

Tell us how does it feel? 😄😄😄😄

It hurts so much. When people you love can’t be bothered to help you with your problems my head feel really off right now

Do you have a frozen yogurt place that’s close to your house and if so, what’s it called?

Tutti fruiti

What it means when a woman pays more attention to her phone when we’re out on a date?

What does it mean when they pay more attention to their phone when you’re at home just the two of you


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