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QOTD: If you could be the opposite sex for a day what NON-SEXUAL THINGS would you do?

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Go buy really hella nice clothes to show boys what good style is then tell lots of my friends how beautiful they are because it feels even better from a random person
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What's the best concert you've ever been to?

I haven't been to almost any, so I would have to say Secondhand Serenade, but Warped this summer will sooooo beat it

QOTD: Would you rather A) Eat ice cream while riding a unicorn that sounds like Morgan Freeman when it talks and wears funny socks and likes slurppies B) Play battleship with a small monkey that sounds like Morgan Freeman and wears a suit and loves doritos who speaks in puns

Questionz_Of_The_Day’s Profile PhotoQOTD
Play battleship with a small monkey that sounds like Morgan Freeman and wears a suit and loves doritos who speaks in puns OMG YES but he would have to teach me how to play battleship c:
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Would you rather Immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches or dive naked head first into a pool of tobacco spit?

XxDailyQuestionsxX’s Profile PhotoDaily Questions
i cant even imagine either of those things i would cry so much

QOTD- Would you rather have to use cake as toilet paper or ranch dressing as shampoo? P.S. don't be a pussy and say neither.

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ugh ranch :c

Who's your number one friend?

i have more than one friend and even thinking about picking one would hurt the others

QOTD: Would you rather A) Stand on red-hot, burning coals for 30 seconds without moving B) Step on 35 legos C)Shut your hand in a waffle iron for 2 minutes

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....Probably the legos

QOTD: (pick either from the list of girls or guys depending on your sexual preference. ) Fuck one kill one or marry one Girls: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian's mother, Michelle Obama Guys: Bill Cosby, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp

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Marry Jennifer Lawrence, Kill Justin Bieber, Fuck Johnny Depp (but because I'd be married to Jennifer Lawrence, I can fuck her too, right?)
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QOTD: (Addie is doing one because OWENS SUCKS) Would you rather have tongues for toes or buttholes for ears?

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probs buttholes for ears as long as they don't poop ?????

QOTD: Who is your favorite Admin? ADDIE OR OWEN

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Probably Addie because I don't know Owen but he's hella cute and ayy you are too, Addie!

What did you do for valentines day?

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Design a webpage and business cards for my photography and also I was sad because I couldn't go on a best friend date with Tanika and Kiersten because of the snow.

Would you rather be eaten by a snake or have one crawl down your throat. (You must choose one)

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oh my GOD ugh I think I'd rather be eaten tbh

Which is the most memorable day you have ever had?

Probably my most recent birthday (17th) because it was just so much fun and i have so many good friends and i love them and everything about them i was so happy i couldve cried

QOTD: If a monkey eats 2 bananas and then proceeds to have sex with a tornado, what should Addie get for her boyfriend for Valentines day? (I actually really need ideas.)

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Food and homemade cute things and compliments


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