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nat unly sabjeks dis fken shethed hes nu comon sonse esk su stuped qeschons wot de fuk esk everywan 2 lyk hes profil pichur den tel ever1 hem n i besfren since p1 stuped fok i nevor lykd hem in proimery or sekundery hao i fren wid himm?!??!?!11111!!?

Oliverdanmarc’s Profile PhotoOliver Daniel
i kno hi olweys esk qestionz rlatd tu ict den l8r his liek its liek dis. fok y dis fkr esk mi in da ferst plec if hi oledi kno? alsu alweys liek 'hey how is my dp? just ok????? ? ? ? ?' fuk su anoyen. hi assuem u r his fren yet hi sey 'dont be a assumer'. fking A

Dis dran tink he su fakken smert wot he get 4 math n odar sabjek???? l0l0l0l SIKKANT MAAYT

Oliverdanmarc’s Profile PhotoOliver Daniel
ikr dis fokr su dam i swir gobi, fokin kent ues his bren fur shat!!!!!11 SIKKANT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYT L0L

Why do you wanna be a sickkunt? You're just ruining your life! Go ahead we won't stop you and yes congrats for joining them! Well done my child! well done... Success was with you till now but now I'm sorry to say this that Failure will be with you from now onwards! -Son of sickkunt-

We made the so-called 'sickkunt' group not to fuck around, but to help each other and be the best we can be in every aspect. Yes, that includes education. So don't fucking assume and give me your ridiculous shit, Deeran. Failure will always be among all of us, but we're going to embrace it as it only makes us stronger. Stop sending me stupid shit though


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