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Are you beneficial?

Of course I am....silly I am what is "needed" "sought after" and ultimately "obsessed about"

Tell me your HONEST opinion of me

Not possible.... Without disclosure identity at least to the extent of who You Are... who you were ...and who you choose to be.

I love you and I miss you. Do you still love me?

"Me" is relatively speaking meaning
ie: you must have changed and in that change something you noticed that you do not like beckoning for you reasoning that love can suffice that so tell me what your change is.

Do you make fun of others with mental illness?

Why ....YES I DO...Look at my Ex wife
H Evans she's as "sideways" as they cum....WTF!?!?

I can’t lie I really do miss you and I hope you are Okk but we both know that we will never be together again because of the things you did to break our bond forever I can’t even imagine you as a close friend of mine when I can’t even trust you anymore

Yes I broke.....yes you broke me from loving..

Michelle said she is very sorry for what she did to you and she wants to know if you will forgive her?

Not to be holier than thou but she did ask and I shall return to her her wishes


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