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Are there worst things than being cheated on in a relationship?

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being in a situationship and cant even call it cheating but the disrespect it cuts deep

hi trev, if you are seeing this, i will be logged off of everything. but before i do, i just want to say goodbye. thank you for being my shoulder for all those years and being the tape holding onto all my broken pieces so i can make it out alive. and i have and im okay.

please always remember that i will be okay. you will always have a special place in my heart. goodbye. - c.

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When your ex tells you “you won’t find anyone like me” what would your response be?

i sure hope i don’t. one of you is enough.

Tiffany R woodson it's me your brother tristen I love you so much and I'm sorry for everything

thats not my name

Are you okay? I literally can’t remember any of my accounts passwords at this point so I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to just leave it so broadly

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its okay. im okay. its been a rollercoaster of a year. life is just life and you have to go with what it throws at you ya know.

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Caught my bf texting another girl. I'm furious. I'm not talking to him right now. What should I do?

dump his ass
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I’m afraid to talk to you first because I know you won’t respond to me and probably block me

i dont block people and ur technically talking to me first so

your personality is more unstable than the wifi in my house 🥹

its the ADHD depression and potentially bipolar

I've done research on BPD and I've never felt anything more relatable. All the symptoms are there but I just need to get diagnosed now. Psychiatrists are booked up for the next few months. Until then, what do I do? I'm already on antidepressants and anti anxiety meds but I stopped going to therapy

there is rlly no treatment for BPD. You can only treat the symptoms of it like depression. Therapy is important and you can try DBT as well

When you care about somebody you do not give up easily. 💀💀°°°°

why do you think i stayed in it for over a year


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