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I never really asked anything about you. Are you still studying? If so, then what? Your aim, plans for the future? What do you wanna be? (If you don't mind me asking) :)

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Studying . . . (once again)) , may well be a good idea for a positive way forward . Right now , I'm still struggling to recover from a fairly major operation (kidney transplant) that I had earlier this year. Likely what's flooring me is the immunosuppressants (lots) that I will have to take for life, as anti-rejection agents ; but I'm doing not so bad , with daily pretty full on strenuous workouts ! Slight blip 3 days back , coz I drank 3 bottles of wine LOL & lost 2 days ! Back on track today though , had brilliant session on weights & bike , next, a 4 mile dog walk . . .
My career was in agriculture, at the intensive horticulture end ; latterly I managed a highly successful waste CO2 & waste heat reclaimation prodject . . .
Sadly after a series of catastrophes , I wound up on my own with my 3 children , then aged 6, 7, & 9 . . so raised them solo , they were & are my life.
~ I know that leaves a lot of blanks , but , I'd be pleased to answer anything else I can , privately if necessary , just ASK!! xx

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tbh: you're really pretty ❤ and I wish we had more classes together, and horticulture was one of the best classes ever with you😂💕

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aww i remember that💖 good times😝
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I went on a weird creative rampage last night. There's a new poem- Horticulture http://wp.me/p4beU3-58 And a short prose piece- Barista http://wp.me/s4beU3-barista (Also, I'll be sending 2 links at a time now. Less spam. Hopefully :P)

Nidddhh. You are wonderful. More, please
Also, people, I read the most beautiful thing today.
“I did this radio show and the deejay asks me, ‘What if you woke up tomorrow and you were beautiful?’
What do you mean ‘what if’?
He said, ‘What if you woke up and you were blonde and you had blue eyes and you were 5’11 and you weighed 100 pounds and you were beautiful? What would you do?’
And I said, ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t get up ‘cause I’d be too weak to stand.’
And I felt very sorry for him, ‘cause if that’s the only kind if person that you think is beautiful, you must not see very much beauty in the world.
And I think everybody is beautiful. And if you don’t think that I am beautiful, you are missing out. Because I am so beautiful.”

Cap de poser cette question au 1O premiers qui aiment? Ton âge? Ta taille? Ta classe? Violet ou rose? Coca ou IceTea? Chocolat Blanc|Lait|Noir ? Converses ou vans? Pull ou veste? Short ou pantalon? Nutella ou Oréos? Bisous ou câlins? Jaloux(se)? Dragibus ou fraises tagada?

16 ans
Terminal CAP horticulture / designer
Blanc et au lait
Adidas et Jordan
Pull et Sweat
Short et pantalon
Les deux
Oui un peu

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