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Do people exist, Dealing with my last question truly exist? Arepeople kind enough to be there for each other and one day trust? If I don't find that like so many others I may not be able to live!

Yes they do, they are hard to find but there are people out there that you will find trust with, someone who will make you a better person and vice versa. You just need to keep looking, search IRL, search online you will find someone - Emily x

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Think of this if you will. If you found one person just one person on this site or any site that you never had a look in the eyes but you can tell every single thing in your life to just to get it off your chest? And one day having to trust to talk on the phone or Skype? To find trust once again!!!

I don't fully understand this but I will try my best here. I meet a lot of people online that I come to trust more than some of my friend IRL, I would trust Naomi with a lot of things, and if I had to talk to her via skype (which I have) I would be nervous but I know her so well that I would be okay with it and it would make out bond stronger - Emily x

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It started when I was eight and then 910 I thought that it was in love what was happening to me. My mom's boyfriend was taking advantage of me until the age of 12. I never told anyone and I think it's affecting me. I don't know what to do

Does your mum know? If she doesn't you really need to tell her what he was doing was illegal and has put you in a horrible situation and has scarred you for your life, you shouldn't have to pay for his mistake, tell your mum or a counsellor and speak to them about it, get them to help you sort it out and maybe get him arrested - Emily x

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I'm not happy with the way I look, how can I be happy with my body?

Sometimes I find it helps to get up and out and meet up with some people to keep my spirits high even if I am feeling low. A relaxing bath along with a face pack always helps me with keeping positive which helps my positive thinking. If you can buy yourself some new clothes this can help too!-Ciara x

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Hi, so I get my GCSE results soon and I'm really scared. I'm worried that I did really bad and I'm worried about how my parents will react. Do you perhaps have any advice?

Hello, Emily here. Exam results are scary, I know, when I got my GCSE results I was terrified (not that I let anyone know that) I thought I would daily all of my exams because I'm not the brightest star you see. But when I actually for my results I managed to get quite good grades! I know it's scary and it's so so stressful but you honestly won't do as bad as you think, and with your mum, I just failed my psychology as level (I literally got a U) I thought my dad would be so mad at me, but he wasn't he was happy because I got a D in sociology meaning I could carry on in sixth form. Their reactions are never as bad as you picture in your head. I promise you ♡

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I think I am gay but I'm not sure. I think I like girls but I have never been in a relationship with on. How do I find out what my sexuality is?

Hi there! I too was/am really confused about my sexuality, and identified as straight for my full life until this year! Where I thought I was bi, only too have second thoughts. Sexualities are so confusing, but it's important not to rely on a label snd just be comfortable with you! There is plenty of time to experiment with different people and find out who you are attracted to, you really can't rush these things! You could watch some youtube videos or blog posts about people coming out snd seeing how they realised they were bi/gay, and it might relate to you! Please don't stress about it too much, you will find out when the time is right!
- Ebony x

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I want to come out as Pansexual to my mom, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I don't think she will understand it. Got any advice?

Hello there! Two of our writers who identify as pansexual have some advice for you!
First make sure it's safe to come out, try to gage your mum's feelings towards the LGBT+ community; once you're sure it's safe, maybe try coming out in an off handish way, I told my dad just in passing. There are a million different ways to come out from sending them relentless memes about how you're attracted to frying pans to sitting them down and talking them through it. However you decide to do it just remember to be open with them and answer their questions, if there are any, the best you can. Stay safe and stay positive - Kaya
Coming out can be a stressful time, especially when you think someone won't understand.
Before I came out as pansexual I went up to my mum and asked her about a few sexualities that she hadn't heard of and tried my best to explain them to her. At first she was confused, but then again a lot of people are.
My advice would be to practice what you're going to say to them. Don't write a whole speech, but make sure you know what you're going to say and be prepared to explain what pansexual means. Give them some time to accept the information, this doesn't necessarily mean they won't be fine with it, but most parents need some time to think about these things.
Good luck!

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Introduce yourself Ebony

Hi! I'm Ebony! I'm part of the Tweens! We thought it would be a good idea to have a Tween on here if you have any questions, related to the topics I cover! I'm 13 years old, and I'm in year 8 in school. My favourite subject is probably History or Geography as they are so interesting, and don't actually feel like a lesson! My favourite TV show is The Walking Dead! I honestly can't wait for it to screen again. I enjoy lot's of different types of music, especially songs from as early as the 50s! That's it about me! I hope I can help you in some way!
- Ebony x

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