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I wonder how long I've been dying

To be honest since the day you were born my friend the day from the day we are born we start dying

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I just wanna say, I know a lot of us long-timers here sound like we want to brutally sl@ughter you and dissolve in acid. But it's not the loudmouths you have to worry about, but the ones who keep quiet on that part lol

Well all I can say I'm old school I'm really rough around the edges but I'll tell you this much anybody that wants to come feel free you're really liable to win but I also want to warn another this when you come you need to have said some goodbyes and make your peace with your God because you may not you may just not be going back now I'll be watching my back but not too paranoidly cuz I don't think anybody's got any balls

Should i go to a doctor or is it too late?

It's never too late to go to the doctor at least you'll find out what's wrong

What’s your sign? & what sign traumatized you? I’m Virgo & Taurus man broke me & I haven’t been the same since 2019.

I am a Scorpio and the woman that did this to me claim to be a Scorpio but she was not I do not know what she is but I do know she has been not in the astrological way but I am a Scorpio in November Scorpio November 17th is a matter of fact

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Is it bad to sleep on a box spring without a mattress?

No not if you don't mind waking up with your back in riddling pain

Do you usually move on from arguments quickly?

Yes I have me a moment or too quiet just because of the awkwardness that this s*** causes I don't like to argue it's not healthy I'd rather give in it's much easier


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