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is it true if your ears ring then someone’s thinking about you or is it not true?

I have always heard the same thing

Internet dating is weird. Agree or Disagree?

I don't think it's weird it is very scary because u never know who is real and whats not

What’s an experience that caused you to change your entire outlook on life?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
Losing the most important people to me and knowing that no matter how much I love them they could careless about me so it has changed me on loving people and trusting

how do y’all date someone after they cheated on their partner with you 🤨

I would never be in that issue because I'm a very loyal faithful woman and I would never hurt someone over a man

Your loyalty to a narcissist will be your biggest downfall. 💯🥴

Yes it is because my heart feels like it just wants to stop and I just don't even want to leave My house because I look like shit I'm not attractive anymore

Do you ever just want to be left tf alone?

Right now at this moment to just accept the things that truly hurt me


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