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You’ve been obsessed with me since before I met you hu

Nope don't know you currently crushing on Nathan Fillion.

Why are you so busy looking for a soulmate, when you don’t even have a soul, bruh?

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I am not a bro and I am not looking for a soulmate.

I just wanted you to show me how much you like me like the old days. I wanted to feel wanted. I miss you. I have had so much I want to say and do but can’t because I know you don’t want me.

What are you talking about? I never dated you

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Have you ever been consensually hog tied and let a man have his way with you ? Would you do that ?


I hate people that play loud music in the morning.

I hate ppl that yell and fight and play loud music at night.

I was never faithful to you 🤨

That's why we are no longer together. Don't be upset. My life is better now with someone else.

As a man been married 10 years and not been able to procreate is a failure since I can’t so I better leave my wife

You know it says girl out beside the question right?

Would you date someone that still cared so much about their ex that they were constantly seeking revenge?


Would you be freaked out if someone messages you saying God told them you were their future spouse?

I would question it. I would only freak out if I didn't believe in God.


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