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My undying love for you is always growing
Its not just words, these feelings are always showing
I love you…in those 3 words I could never Say it enough
Feel it enough
Express it enough
You can feel it in my touch
You can hear it in my voice
You can sense it in my presence
I want this forever…theres only 4 words left to say
Will you marry me? Someday

He’s told me that he likes me on here before (while being anonymous but giving me hints as to who he was in his question) but never told me in person or online without being anonymous. Should I move on since he hasn’t directly told me that he’s interested in me?

Moving on is the best thing for you, I hope you find love😊
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sit, facing me...let us look into each others eyes...feel each others vibe..hug souls.

I like staring contests
sit facing melet us look into each others eyesfeel each others vibehug souls

What have you learn from people who do shit out of anger?

I feel people who make irrational decisions due to their emotions end up making big mistakes. Maybe even make their life a mess, but to those people I say…. we are only human, we fall, we bleed, we hurt….but don’t forget to get back up. Hold your head up high while you’re at, it’s your life remember that.

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Why do guys call Women there attractive to mommy?

Maybe it’s the same for when woman call their men Daddy.
Why do guys call Women there attractive to mommy

If you’re in a bad mood, do you prefer to be alone or be with someone to cheer you up?

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Someone and something chocolatey


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