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What’s a controversial opinion you have?

jazzyazul’s Profile PhotoJazzyAzul
Fireworks shouldn’t be sold for personal use. They should only be used at events, in open spaces on bonfire night.
It just annoys me how much they affect animals, not just dogs but small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and then horses in fields too and also wildlife. They don’t understand that you wanna watch pretty colours in the sky, they are just startled.
Also you always get kids or young people getting hold of them and setting them off wrong or acting irresponsibly while using them.
I also just don’t see the fascination tbh. A bright light and a bang, wow 😅

What is the ideal holiday destination for you? 🏖️ 🌴 🍹 🏄 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I love going somewhere with plenty of diving opportunities! Sure, walking through historic city streets is always nice but I do so almost every day where I live. Diving with sea turtles in Australia was one of the highlights of my life and travelling down under gave me plenty of other opportunities to see various other kinds of wildlife! Like koalas, kangaroos and penguins. It's still the coolest place I've been to and I wouldn't mind travelling there again 🇦🇺
What is the ideal holiday destination for you

What kind of wildlife is most common in your area, and which one is considered a problem? We have foxes, wolves, nonvenomous house snakes, deer, polecats, frogs, green lizards. However, the only species considered problematic is the fox as most people in rural/farm areas raise animals that are prey.

eastern grey kangaroos, wallabies, australian magpies, cockatoos, rosellas, eastern brown snakes, brushtail possums, wild rabbits. probably more. the snakes and the kangaroos are the problematic ones.

What kind of wildlife is most common in your area, and which one is considered a problem? We have foxes, wolves, nonvenomous house snakes, deer, polecats, frogs, green lizards. However, the only species considered problematic is the fox as most people in rural/farm areas raise animals that are prey.

The area I live has some of the most spectacular and internationally recognised habitats and wildllife in the country. It would be too long to name all of them, but I think foxes are the most problematic due to parasites.

You discover a new inhabitable planet, describe it! What’s it's name? How does it look from space? What's the climate like? What wildlife and vegetation can one expect to see? 👩‍🚀✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I welcome you to Irilia! From space, it appears glowingly blue. Not only cause it's completely covered in oceans, at the surface lays a thick layer of bioluminescent algae. Said layer is so thick, that almost no sunlight seeps through into the depths below. With the light from the algae not being as sufficient as pure sunlight, it gets dark quick as you dive down. Due to the planet being on the closer end of the goldilock zone, the water is surprisingly warm for the lack of sunlight. The darkness doesn't mean the planet is lifeless, far from it. Like the algae above, many of the creatures and vegetation which inhabit Irilia glow intensively, in various different colors to keep themselves distinct and to try and trick predators. One of these predators, appear almost as big sea serpents, but with three sails along it's body which glow in a striking red color 🌌
And to answer your follow up question, "How would you promote said planet to encourage others to settle there? 📺📡📄":
I don't think I'd necessarily encourage people to settle there, maybe as a quirky vacation retreat! The people visiting would be living in large underwater resorts, with thick glass to keep them safe from the beautiful yet deadly creatures lurking in the waters outside! But from there, they could take in all the sights!It's too dangerous to go out and hunt for supplies outside, so a secure shuttle has been constructed to freight people and goods from the surface to the resorts 😬
I have answered a similar question before, since I still like that concept I came up with then, I'll link it here: https://ask.fm/TobbeAsks/answers/170304697977?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android

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You discover a new inhabitable planet describe it Whats its name How does it

Steckt eine Geschichte hinter dem Namen deines demigods?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ihr Dad ist Wildlife Biologe und Hobby Bear Grylls 😂 Ich habe mich also gefragt, was so ein Mann für Namen auswählen würde und wollte sie zuerst nach einem der zig National Parks der USA benennen. Leider gaben die entweder nicht so viel Namensenergie her (hello, Death Valley Mercier lol), entsprachen einfach nicht meinem Geschmack oder basierten auf verschiedenen Native American Personen/-Gruppen. Da ich mit Sable keinen Charakter schreibe, der nur irgendeine dieser Herkünfte hat, wollte ich sie nicht einfach random „Sequoia“ oder so nennen und das war’s dann. Wenn ich einen Native Charakter gemacht hätte, hätte ich dann auch lieber richtig nach echten Namen geschaut, die in den jeweiligen Gruppen vergeben werden.
„Sable“ passt meiner Meinung nach aber immer noch, da es das englische Wort für Zobel ist, die sehr cute sind :D und es wird traditionell als weiblicher Name vergeben, also auch nichts total abwegiges.

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Steckt eine Geschichte hinter dem Namen deines demigods

When talking about environmental sustainability in urban planning, what are some the key things you’d change if you could? 🌿🌳

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
What we've often talked about during our lectures is the importance of "green and blue" corridors i.e greenery and waterways which allow wildlife to safely traverse and thrive within cities. So I think we should take the overall ecosystem more into consideration in urban planning. This also goes for the quality of green spaces. A well kept lawn may be good for human activity but not so much for biodiversity. Local fauna thrives when greenery is allowed to grow freely 🌷🐝
When talking about environmental sustainability in urban planning what are some

Are you a city person or a country person?

I will forever and always be a country girl!
I have grown up in the countryside. I have a strong connection to nature! So being in a city is not something that comes naturally to me. I find cities quite intrusive and overbearing a lot of the time. I can stay in cities, but it will never stop the longing for open fields and wildlife :)
Are you a city person or a country person

What kind of wildlife do you see where you live? You have a favorite of those animals? 🦆🦔🐰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I live near mountains, creeks, and the coast, so I see LOADS!
I think my favorite are ducks with their cute little waddles 🤗
Sharks are rare to see, but I love them too!
Other than those, we get lizards, snakes, coyotes, mountain lions (usually when there's a wildfire we'll see a couple wandering the streets), rabbits, frogs, turtles, squirrels, hawks, owls, dolphins, whales, fish, and a whole lot of bugs!

What's your favorite zoo animal?

I had been to a lot of zoos, including Taif zoo, Riyadh, Manila, and Qassim. No cap.
I had been there I saw it all, no cap on this.
Dude, after reflecting on this, and recalling my memories, these animals were dead inside, with no soul left out of them, lions hardly roar, had no energy, had no fun, they killed all the enjoyment they once had.
Like a savage, undomesticated beast, need to be watched every second of the day lest at any moment will animalistic instincts should take over, and need to be caged or put down all the time.
The experience of being harassed constantly by visitors and being put in cages, even among the most educated visitors.
Because at the end of the day they're not people; they're pure animals.
I dislike zoos, but I'd love to visit Serengeti National Park Tanzania, where it's open wildlife with no cages or bullying whatsoever.
It's on my list, maybe one day ☝️.

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Would you rather live in the country or the city, and why?

in the city. I can't really explain it. I just love that there's always something going on in a big city. I love the ambiance. and I love watching city skylines at night. my ex boyfriend used to live in downtown Toronto and his apartment had such a beautiful view at night.
Moved from city to country 2 years ago and I'll never go back. No traffic, less ppl so stores are never busy. Stars and wildlife instead of noise and pollution
I grew up in the countryside; most of my childhood memories revolve around climbing up trees, getting lost in the mountain side, stealing my dad's car to speed down dirt roads and having no swimming skills whatsoever. I'm in my mid twenties now; I have been living in my country's capital for half a decade; I adapted to the city life quite easily. I am however faced with deciding whether to settle in this city or move back to the countryside. The city offers every needed service, proximity to the sea and a variety of personalities to explore and befriend. But knowing and remembering the countryside (despite its lack of commodities), it offers a level of serenity I could not find elsewhere anywhere else. But, on a day-to-day basis, more of my practical needs are satisfied in an urban environment. I have more greater variety of employers, food sources, and housing choices. I have more reliable utilities and communication. I have a shorter commute to work, school, errands, family, friends, library, post office, museums, entertainment venues, etc. I have better and faster access to emergency services (police, fire, hospitals). Literally everything I need is available, closer and easier, in an urban area. Overtime, if and when you have kids, when you age and need more medical attention and services, there is more available in an urban area.
I've since settled in the suburbs after meetingy wife. Im not sure your familiarity with suburbs but they are essentially town surrounding city with easy public transport access to the city yet just a short drive to the country side. I love being so close to both, and because of that I wouldn't change where I live, but I frankly hate the actual suburbs. Every house in every neighborhood looks the same, and the roads are packed like city roads but the scenery is nothing but Walmarts and Pep Boys. That last paragraph was probably more American centric, but if you have the option to rent and it is easier to do in the city, I would recommend renting and living the city life for a few years. At some point you will either decide to stick with it or settle in the country.
Country for sure. But somewhere near a large city for swifter access to hospitals and similar in case of an emergency. After having lived in both environments I've found I hate traffic, I'm not fond of having too many neighbors, and I like having acreage to grow a large garden and work on my other outdoor projects.

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Do you act more like your mum or your dad? In what way? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Both are very impatient which has unfortunately been inherited 😆. However both also have a frank, often dark sense of humour which I'm thankful for; doubt I'd have survived my 20s if I couldn't laugh at some situations
I also share dad's love of wildlife & mum's love of films & plants

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

Oh god, this is exactly like me! I do like to watch wildlife documentaries, but if anything like that came on I would just skip past it. I know it's nature, but I'm so sensitive to it. I don't like to see any living being hurt. ☹️
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Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

I feel the same way as you do - it’s the only reason I seldom watch them. I adore animals and the natural world, but as you say, do I really want to watch a baby antelope get abandoned by it’s mother because it has a lame leg, to only then watch it eventually get captured (and worse) by a predator? No not really, it’s too upsetting 😅

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

Oh my dude, don't move to the countryside 😅 It's one of the "laws" out here - where you have livestock, you get dead stock. Illness happens, the elements happen, predators happen. You can't save them all.

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

I do :)
I tend to watch David Attenborough documentaries! They're full of lovely filmography of animals, but not so much the circle of life.
But in general I find nature and wildlife documentaries fascinating :3
Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries I find them interesting I love

Were you inspired by the Jubilee Beacons so went outside and lit a candle in your garden? 🏡🕯️

I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been paying any attention to the Jubilee. I'm working throughout most of it lol
As for candles in my garden, because of Sooty, as well as the variety of other wildlife we get, we don't have candles etc.
It's likely any outdoor lighting would get damaged. Plus with our neighbour's freaking flood light, there's no point lol
Were you inspired by the Jubilee Beacons so went outside and lit a candle in

What are u studying for

I’m in school to earn my Associates degree (Science - for Veterinary Technician) right now!!
Once I graduate, I can sit for the VTNE to become a licensed Veterinary Technician.
(I’ll have to take a state licensing exam too bc NC is rude like that).
I was thinking about doing a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology afterward???
We’ll see!! I always wanted to specialize in large animal veterinary medicine.. But wildlife rehabilitation and zoo vet med sound neat too.
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Is there a famous person you have tremendous amounts of respect for? Why? 🤩🤔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I thought of Angelina Jolie when I first read this question. She has done lots of good things with fame and fortune. After she did tomb raider she visited a bunch of countries providing help to people who were in need as well as donating money. When she adopted her first child, she wanted to keep some ties with his heritage by buying a house over there. It was next to their national park which had been overrun with poachers. She got to work buying the land and turned it into a wildlife sanctuary. There's so many good things that she's done, she's definitely a woman I have a lot of respect for. 💓

Would you ever get a tattoo?

Yes, I'm actually booked in for this weekend! I'm having my wildlife sleeve extended, and this time my tattoo artist is working on the fox. I'm excited for it, but I'm not looking forward to sitting there in pain for a good eight hours. I've bought some numbing cream this time, but still it's going to be so boring. I might end up falling asleep. 😂

If you lived in Middle-Earth, who'd you be, where'd you live and what'd you do? 🏰🧝‍♂️🧙‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'd definitely be one of the elves, I'd live in Lothlórien because damn it's pretty, and I'd be like a ranger of sorts, I'd look after the surrounding nature and wildlife

Who is someone you have utmost respect for and what is it about that person that makes you esteem them so highly?

Sir David Attenborough :)
Purely for all his work and teachings about our world! The wildlife, as well as the awareness he tries to raise!
Who is someone you have utmost respect for and what is it about that person that

Apart from the zoo/safe environment, have you had any close interactions with wild animals? Did any sightings amaze you? 🦘🦓🦒🦍🦄

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
🦊 🦅 🦉 Other than foxes, hawks, and owls (I do recall seeing a lovely snowy owl once at night, perched on a fencepost), not really. There’s not much exciting wildlife hereabouts other than that which I’ve mentioned.

I really want one now haha. How big is your backyard?

my backyard is about 3/4 of an acre, but it's on a wild, overgrown, and very steep slope so it's practically unusable. I do have tons of old growth trees, though, and lots of wildlife lives there.
I keep two seed feeders and two hummingbird feeders on my 2nd story balcony that overlooks the yard.
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What is one thing you would love to talk about or give your opinion on but no one ever asks you about on here? Use this to express yourself.

The countryside!
Mainly that it is getting smaller and smaller as the years go by! We are losing so much of our natural wildlife due to the construction being done on the farm lands!
It's sad that farming families are having to give up their heritage due to losing their incomes. Corporations don't overly care about the farmers, their families or the land. They just want profit.
Countryside villages are losing their way of life. It's so sad to see so much of our natural beauty in our world being turned into a concrete jungle :(
What is one thing you would love to talk about or give your opinion on but no
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Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Within many places in Australia you're generally considered an irresponsible cat owner if you allow your cat/s to roam free, as cats (both domestic and stray) have caused a lot of harm to the wildlife and brought numbers of native animals down. So I'm inclined to believe everyone is better off if your cat remains within the house as much as possible - especially when you also add in the statistic of how many cats are killed by cars. 😓
What's more, my parents were irresponsible cat owners in that they had two male cats at two different times in my life but never had either of them desexed, which lead to them spending the majority of their time outside of the home, getting into fights with other male cats (usually strays) and... well. 👀 This caused an influx of stray kittens around the neighbourhood for several years, and my cats ended up dying relatively young due to AIDS. That was always heartbreaking. In stark contrast, every desexed cat I've ever had has been a lot more chill and prefers lazing about at home, which has kept them and more of the animals in the area safe. *PLEASE* desex your cats, people.

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Say you got turned into a vampire, how do you think you'd choose to live your life from there on out? 🧛‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That would depend on how I turned into one. Was it the Carlisle Cullen way where I would have entirely died if I didn't turn into one, had a new family to help me as a newborn vampire, or was I attacked by a vampire who then buggered off to continue their existence?
I'd probably spend a lot of the time spending the extra hours in my life reading, outside of hunting shitty humans. I wouldn't really be able to feed on animals, we don't have much wildlife here that would make that worth it other than maybe cows and horses xD
In fact, due to that, I'd probably move to a different country where I'd be able to solely feed on animals rather than people, like America, or Canada, off the top of my head!
I'd likely spend my time learning new things and roaming around trying to find a family to live with, if that's possible.

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I think some like to keep their cats in or they’re legally required to because they are literally k!lling machines and destroy wildlife, unfortunately

True. But out here, they're also our pest control. So when it comes to managing rat infestations, etc, there's nothing more effective.
And he's a giant idiot and I ADORE him.
I think some like to keep their cats in or theyre legally required to because

Do you think it should be legal to allow killing markhor for few dollars?

It's called Trophy hunting and it's actually Conservative hunting, used to save wildlife. Old Male Markhors are hunted who can no longer reproduce and doesn't allow other males to mate as well So yeah it is totally legal in most of the countries. Plus it's not few dollars it's thousands of dollars.

When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it?

ZoeStarGirl’s Profile PhotoZoe Starr
Early Aug. The challenge was to walk 80 miles in 4 days. From Porthmadog to Bangor.
The first day was going to be the longest distance covered. My friend and I left at 6am for the 24 mile hike. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! ☀️ It had some breathtaking sights, beautiful rivers and amazing coastal views and wildlife. We stopped off for breakfast at a coffee shop which gave us the energy to push all the way to mile 24!! The view from that campsite was just amazing, it was perched right on top of what felt like Everest but was well worth it 😅
Day two. 6AM start again. And there was this incredible sunrise across the bay. We made our way to Llanbedrog and watched the rest of the rise with the tin man at the top. After climbing down and making our way a few miles down the road to a beach town called Abersoch we stopped at a cafe for a fry up! Then it was a slow slog across the Welsh countryside; harsh hills, rough ground and stunning views to look at made for slow walking but knowing each step took me closer to that second camp site kept me going. Half way through I was met by a bunch of young bulls 😳 I met some lovely people along the way this day, sharing a few experiences and laughs :) Ended up at the campsite outside of Tudweiliog at pantgwynfarm where I must have to admit the view was just wow. The sound of the sea slowly lapping the cliff face too 😍👌 It may of only been 16 miles but with the heat, hills and weight it felt like more.
Day 3. Greeted again by a beautiful sunrise across the mountains behind the camp site as I packed up and took off for what seemed to be a relatively easier hike ahead which soon changed when we decided to take the coastal trail but wow it was worth it. Watched the seals play in the shallows which was magical and a bit further on the silence was broken by a small fishing boat chugging away to his crab pots. After I left the coastal path I found my way into Nefyn and to a lush little cafe for what was becoming a habit of a morning fry up 🤣 The hike then continued on up some beautiful but veryyyy steep hills! Met some lovely people along the way and I owe thanks to an owner of a farm for the top up of much needed water
😅 Continued along the path slowly getting my self closer and closer to my destination at Dinllecaravanpark which was absolutely lovely! When I arrived after the 22 miles, I was greeted with “oh you’re the silly sod who hiked here aren’t you!” which definitely made me laugh! My mate arrived later we finished the day with a tray of chips... a cold pint by our sides and our feet in the sea!
Day 4. Packing up was hard. It was this damp misty morning and miles were hard going. Sore and swollen feet, tiredness and heavy rucksacks. The last 5 miles into Bangor Station were slow and becoming more painful with each step but it made it that much more rewarding.
So in total I achieved 78.9 miles in just less than 30 hours of walking!! Annoyingly just shy of the target but :)

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it

What do you love most about where you grew up?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I currently still live where I grew up! :D
I love how peaceful it is. There are times when we get loud cars or trucks come past. Same with heavy load trains coming through the village as well. But mainly it is quite quiet!
I live in the countryside! So I don't have to walk far to be surrounded by nature and the peaceful atmosphere! Just hearing the birds singing, and the babbling brooks and streams is such a serene thing for me.
Seeing the wildlife is lovely as well :3
What do you love most about where you grew up

What’s your most favorite place that you’ve traveled?🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Definitely Australia! Even though my week in Tokyo was also really sick it can't beat the month I spent travelling along the whole east coast of Australia, from Melbourne to Cairns 😊 It was filled with so many moments that I'll treasure for the rest of my life, like swimming with a wild sea turtle, seeing various other wildlife like koalas, kangaroos and penguins, going water skiing and so much more 🥰
Whats your most favorite place that youve traveled

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