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You are something else lol just got a question for you it’s nothing bad but it’s got you not everybody else lol

Whats the question?

Your dad is area president of a massive bank/insurance company, y’all travel the world, and he probably got you your job. But I’m the rich one. My dads a bakery manager and I make a bit more than median salary. Just cause my parents live on a lake and saved up for a nice boat doesn’t make me rich

I’m sorry what? My dad didn’t get my job . And he was a college professor.

Can't do it much longer, but I will 4eva love u. You definitely got a piece of my heart, whether you want it or not.

What ?? What do you mean ?

Girl you say your friends are two faced backstabbers but then you sit around and talk shit about them online when you not with them. You always gossiping about someone, always in someone else’s business. Idc if you got bullied and it’s learned whatever. You old enough to know better by now

Nope I’ve never said about that nor have I talked trash about my friends on line or anywhere else.

I understand opposite genders when it comes to befriending minors but what if they’re both guys? Is that still a problem/weird?

No I don’t see that as a problem.


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