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My ex girlfriend said she lied about being on birth control and I told her I refuse to help. I told her it’s my choice to be a parent she can do it alone or get abortion I’m not ready to be a parent and have no intentions of rushing it. She’s having it anyway am I wrong for not caring like at all?

That’s not even close to my feeling, don’t pretend to know me

Why would a guy tell me we were good to not overthink? Asking just in general, I like opinions..

Overthinking better than Underthinking.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to hold your hand for a little Amen holiday dinner and below you chin for a night time worship service?

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Well messages totally getting ignored so I'm going with my friend and her kids to there Thanksgiving ... Was gonna see if he wanted to chill or something but no replys... Damn. I guess I'm going with option 2

I need to go get something first will you wait for me to get back 1 o’clock

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