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Why do ? people answer questions here. You do understand ? that answering is not mandatory. Get hold of your self Claudia.

She has an std

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Moving on with my life. Obviously you loved me so much, I mean you ain't said shit to me in almost a week. Hell you said my daughter is one of your own but you ain't checked on her either. Smh I feel pity for you that your ego and need to hurt people lost you the only two people that truly loved you

Awe a single mom😅😅

R u mad cause I was with someone that u can't lie to an make her think what u say is true she better than that I tell her don't be made go grab a Mexican an get u something there's a nasty one in back dirty like u

Juan and cardo was always better to me

Why did you ghost me. Hurts, you assured me you would stay in our connection. I trusted you to be here but you won’t let go of this pride and let it be🥺

Keep hiding

Would you let your gf have an onlyfans if you were both low income

gotta have multiple sources of income

Why did my cheating ex boyfriend add me on Snapchat for a few hours and then when I added him back minutes later he blocked me?🤔

you're always a second option lmao

If you are super confident w your partner & your relationship, then why tf would you go ballistic when another person is flirting w him or her? Justify!🙄

i snap on hoes not him


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