Ask @xxrainbowhazexx:

so my ex has an girlfriend that isn’t to fond of me but he cheated on me with her , today I just got back on social media after a year or two breaking up with him , this is his first time seeing like my “post break up glow up” so he’s all in my dms and I feel like I should tell her but idk

bruh first off why would u hu with ur ex when he has a gf and obviously u should tell her like what

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What does true friendship mean to you?

someone who won't gaslight you, someone who won't make shit up out of thin air like a psychopath, someone who won't get ur sloppy seconds, someone who will be 100% real and honest with you, someone, who will be fucking there for you rather than being a cold-hearted ass bitch, someone who will stick with you thru thick and thin, someone who is actually going to hold your hand every step of the way and WILL never leave your side, someone who is not temporary and will fuck you over.

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I have social anxiety and I always feel weird around people to the point where I feel uncomfortable being around people. I heard it’s called a mental illness but do you think that could stop me from continuing my life and having fun and having a like a girlfriend for instance? What should I do?

well the only way it will stop u from continuing ur life is by suicide do not kill urself and I think u should see a psychiatrist to get the right prescription

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