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what would you do if a close friend has been ruining all of your relationships because they want you, but you don't feel the same way towards them?

tell them to put a sock in it and get over it

People want to stop me from being your friend since I said you seem cool. And they tried putting me against you saying you slept wit my man. And I should make you feel guilty about it. Truth is you probably didn’t do that. They are talking from SELF GUILT. They did that

sorry to hear ur friends are a bunch of whores who can’t keep their legs closed, I’ve literally been in a relationship since 2019 but I’m flattered that I was a topic of conversation for them ik im hot

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I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I’m so nervous, I’m wearing a dress and I never wear dresses and I’m worried my boyfriend is going to focus on all the attractive women and not think I’m attractive. What do I do?

if u worried about ur bf looking at other bitches he a whole bitch himself and u should dump him period

How can someone go back to something that did so much more harm than good and they later find out a lot more other stuff they had no clue about and still want that person... Makes no sense


I just thought you should know that Johnny has been talking a lot of s**t about you. So now that you know what are you going to do?

idek who that is but good glad I live in his bitch ass head rent free bahahahah what a freak

Have you ever had that one stalker that checked your page constantly?

i have stalkers on this app all the time lmao it’s kinda funny cuz imagine consistently investing ur time and energy on messaging me anonymously and checking if I responded like that’s so embarrassing ur life is so pathetic that ur stalking me ON ASK.FM OF ALL SOCIAL MEDIA APPS THAT IS PSYCHO GOODNIGHT

Ik u know I'm talking to you but please come back I need you.. your my everything my peace I can't live by without you my body hurts if s knowing I'm writing this for as bunch of strangers to see but I really fucking need you please come back...

ik this is a bot lmao simppp

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Made up your mind yet or you still on the fence about us?

idk why tf u r but u move weird why r u even on my page stalker

If you don’t want to talk to me somewhere else then I’ll just keep posting on your account until you do one of these days you will get tired of it so it’s up to you do you know where to get a hold of me at

stalker alert 🚨

Why are people jealousy why can't people admire or feel inspired to get what the other individual has instead of be angry at them or try to bring someone down for them being happy for what they have ?

mashh500’s Profile Photomashh500
cuz they are a bunch of losers

Are these question for me or other people. The last time I used ask was in 2018

I thinks they’re just bots I’m getting weird ass paragraphs and questions all the time it’s so funny
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What if your bf says he will "never stop being bestfriends" with the woman he cheated on you with for 5 years? What do you do then? If you're uncomfortable and scared.

traumatize him back


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