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Sorry for asking u out

Oh…..I’m actually not looking for dating right now….I’m just focusing on my job. There are a bunch of cute boys at my job. My boss is trying to take me away from that. My boss is actually fine himself

Sorry for everything

Nah it’s fine. It’s not your fault. You know when you have a black boss….shhhh

Do u still want to take the job

I fucking do! I’m working! I’m not going to be fucking dancing while I’m doing shit

What do u want to talk about

What does it mean when your boss asks you if you are still interested in the job?

If a resturant repeats back an order and you werent paying attention and it ends up being wrong, whos fault is it

I work in a food place and this morning my co-worker messed up an order. Luckily it was a cute old woman. One time we go another guy and it was a big black guy it did not go well


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