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How many times did you catch Covid

Why would anyone know. Once immunity is achieved you wouldt know

Do u still have feelings for ex ? Can y'all still be friends after the relationship..... be honest

This comes up alot. It's people looking for validation. Honestly no neither fair on new person or denial you can go back to before fucking her.

What’s on ur mind, friend?

ohmygodwut’s Profile PhotodariBee
Know what. More frequently fear of ifiv done to much damage to my body in the past and will it catch up to me

Did you ever ended a friendship?

They usually die naturally. I'm not that rigid to ever see someone's side to end it flat out

What’s a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Your same after 24 don't underestimate that

Is 34 too old to have a tumblr?

No why. Only young person asks this once your 34 you know your still 24 in the head

Do you work or go to school?

School is good uni is a scam. Much better off pursuing your interest straight off

You can't move on with someone or fix the situation if you never settled the past.

Very situational. But yes past haunts new relationships if not dealt with

Why am I getting loads nightmares recently. Should I be worried? Why could this be?

Nobody knows. So far we think you file away memories through day in your rem sleep. When it runs through your prone to storytelling aka dreaming. Lots of studies but it's no conclusion

U r all together dude an pam duncan sara mom an boy i think hitler is levi

Can I have what he's on

My boyfriend won’t come to me on my birthday because he’s going to play pool with his friends. Am I stupid if I feel hurt?

No Def not but have you tried telling him that?

Do you stalk your crush Facebook and Snapchat everyday?

Why would you. Litterly on reason you would. That's on you


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