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Men who say “not all men” when a girl is explaining a horrible experience she had with a guy. You do know you’re apart of the problem when you say that, right?

Yeah just like if I say I don’t like black people I am using them all as a race and when she says not all men she is using them all as a gender

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Would you mind if the person you like likes to spend time at home?

That would be a good situation because I like staying home

Am I wrong for feeling envious of my friends with their family’s on thanksgiving when I’m completely alone?

That is completely normal, I’m sorry you don’t have a great family

Ideas of how to go out with over protective parents ?

I go to work, have sex with my boyfriend, send a picture of me sucking his **** perfect idea

If you could get married anywhere where would it be?

Alh94’s Profile PhotoLexi
Saint Rose Roman Catholic Church because that is where my parents got married

So tell me if you have a choice to live forever or to be granted all the money in the world you needed which one would you choose and why?

Granted all the money in the world

What's a good Christmas idea I can get for my mom. All I have is foodstamps and that's it. I don't have any money

You don’t have any money? I’m sorry I don’t think I can help you. I don’t have any money either

What are you looking to buy for Black Friday?

jeunchon’s Profile PhotoJeun Chon
I bought these really pretty pure Vida jewelry from Vera Bradley and then I went to Quicksilver and then I brought this Roxy sweatshirt with a wave on it

Should a woman keep her self attractive to keep her man interested in her?

It’s one thing to feel lust over something but love is when you have an actual connection with someone


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