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Thoughts of Kenzie

kenize is a really cute girl. I Love messing with her but I hope she know that I'm messing around. I wish she would of stay longer today. but yeah she's a really sweet, cute, funny girl (:
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Thoughts on Tiana Galley?

Tiana is a really cute girl. she is super funny and a very sweet girl. and i miss being at school with her (:

Thought on luis Baez?

Luis used to come over all the time. we would do funny shit. he's really cool and chill. (:
Liked by: Luis

Thoughts on Courtney?(:

sorry I t took long to answer this. but Courtney is one of my bestfriends. she always there for me when I need her, I don't what i would do without her. i miss her alot and me and her need to hangout soon (:


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