Ask @BaileeMadisonxoxo:

last time you cried?

I cried like literally seconds ago, but I mean sometimes I have my mental breakdowns...oh yeah nobody knew about it but I mean it some times I have to deal with it by myself with no help and yeah it's hard that sometimes I have to answer and see hate comments in my Ask every day and my self esteem is really bad and my mental breakdown is so hard to manage these days but oh well, i deserve to have all the problems...

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Are you cheating on Alex Lange with Noah Centineo?

Are you serious? You will start drama because I talk to him and he called me "B"? For your information every friend of mine whether it's a boy or girl they call me like that, so don't start some fake drama about Noah and me, we are CO-WORKERS that's all, so before you start saying stuff about me, go research some true facts at least instead of just seeing something and making a big deal of it smh but oh well there will always going to be snakes trying to make me be the worst girlfriend but guess what? I won't fight with you because I just turned 2 years of my relationship with my baby Alex and I am happy right now so I won't just have some idiot ruin my day, blessing to you and goodnight☺️

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What is the cutest thing @AlexLange05 has ever done for you?😍💞

Just one? Like the simple fact that he tries to give me everything so I can be happy by his side it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen, like seriously he sometimes struggles to find something that I like without knowing I have everything with him🙊❤️. But like one of the cutest things that I will literally never forget besides the fact he asked me out in Disneyland was that we went to Disney and he somehow arranged for us to get a chance to meet Eeyore, like my all time favorite Winnie the Pooh character, I was in tears because it’s literally the cutest and most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me😻😭❤️

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When will you marry alex ? Age?

I mean maybe when we are 19 or 20 so that we could have time to plan our future together you know? Like it doesn’t mean I don’t want to get married like don’t get me wrong like who doesn’t? It’s like all girl’s dream to marry the love if their lives and like if get married now or maybe later it won’t matter to me because as long as I have a guy like him in my live, I’m the happiest🙊❤️

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Be honest. Don't hurt alex please. Don't let him down. Take care him. Pray for his goodness. Don't ever make him sad.

I would never hurt Alex, like I would literally hurt myself instead of hurting my baby, like Alex is a precious guy that literally makes me be so in love with him that if I ever hurt him, I will never forget myself in a million years😕❤️

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