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Is change a good or bad thing?

It depends honeslty on the situation and how people felt in it, but for my own opinion I think a change is not bad because that's just life, you have to go through so many stages of life to finally get to your final permanent change, and life wasn't made for us to be the same over and over and be the same type of person people know us, and yeah some people make bad changes but those changes maybe makes them feel some sort of comfortableness in their lives and it's fine as long as you are happy with the change then be happy. Nobody said you have to be the same person so that society could love you, change is a step for being yourself and showing the capacity of your strength that all those bad moments made you into this wonderful and whole new human being. In my experience, I have changed a lot...not just physically but emotionally too...I was at a point where I thought that I should just stay the way I was but then I start realizing that I was more capable of doing more things and being this new version of me. Tbh, change is good, change makes you realize a lot of things that you thought you wouldn't see with your own eyes until you start making a change for the sake of your own good❤️

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Fav cartoon movie/show

So, today I want to tell one of my favorite human being a very happy birthday. We met about 2 years ago and I honestly thought that I would never get a chance with you and at that time I wanted to make you my friend’s boyfriend and the ones that end up dating are us hahaha, but oh well I guess it was destiny that told us we were meant to be. I’m so fortunate to have an amazing and caring boyfriend like why are you so damn cute? You are always there for me through thick and thin and let me tell you that all your support has really helped me a lot tbh. We have been through our ups and downs but we are still together and more stronger than ever. My little cute bebe is now 17 years old like you’re old babe☹️❤️, I love you so hella much like we are almost 1 year and 6 months that’s a lot and I honestly don’t want to have someone else but you. I know this is hella long but god this is my time to be so cute and cheesy with you🙊 My prince, my baby, my little child, my love, my whole universe, my world, MY EVERYTHING! I love you baby and sometimes when you make your little puppy face it’s so cute I want to give you all the kisses in the world😻, you are a very important person to me because you have shown me what true love really means and that not all boys are the same. Without you in my life I wouldn’t know what I will do tbh, like my life makes sense becase you are in it🙊, I love you so so so much mi bebe precioso, and this pictures are one of the many memories that were my favorite ones, this pictures are very important to me as well as the other ones because it shows the real happiness that we have when we are together and that really makes me really really happy just by seeing them and I did a little collage on some of them so that every time you visit my ask see all the wonderful pictures we have taken💖 Happy Birthday once again my love @AlexLange05 🙊❤️

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