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Nobody wants to see us together 🥺

Me either because neither do you ya know Sounds good like there's people standing in your way real life is you and only you if the statement was reverse everybody wants but they still don't go over there and get it for you or keep it from you You make the choice to do something or nothing people don't influence decisions the just provide a cop out

Do most blacks live at kfc to save money?

No KFC is fingerlicking good is why they go there everybody knows that.

‏ويبقى ضوء الشمس في كل صباح، رسالة أنه مازال لديك فرصه لبداية جديدة . . الصباح لا يتغير لكنه كل يوم يأتي بشكل أجمل بقدر ما تحمله طمأنينة أنفسنا ثق باللّٰه ليكون اليوم أفضل من الأمس ⛅️🤍. صباح الخير والسعاده 🌹🤗

asmaaalsawalha’s Profile PhotoAsmaa Alsawalha
I agree good morning to you as well

I never loved anyone before and hope she sees that I love her more than anyone could, hope is all I got now until then it’s just a waiting game, is this fate or destiny???? ❤️🕺

She don't and won't don't wait she ain't

No matter what. If I don't get what I want. Either someone detains you and does the right thing. Or aim sacrificing myself and going in . Yeah?



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