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you been saying that ur life sucks for years but lets be honest most of the time is cuz of him just move on already

Lollll how long have u been around for?🤣

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I miss you 😗

It’s funny that Austin thinks it is so easy for me to live a life and not deal with my parents at the end of the day. But oh boy if he actually knew maybe he would be nicer
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why so hung?

Does this mean why am I so sad?
If so, bc my engagement was broken off and I’m freaking alone in my head and have to deal with everyone’s feelings
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darling, the moon is still the moon in all of its phases.

Mom heard me talking to Michael about matching dragon tattoos and surprise surprise she was not pleased
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What would you ask me?

On Saturday I went to a bar alone for the first time. I had me a small pizza and 6 drinks. Chatted with some people around me so I don’t think I looked like such a loser then

Do you love ? 🥺

What’s funny is half my bridal party doesn’t even check up on me lol
Maybe I have too many problems people don’t wanna get their parade rained on

Hello 💙

I have more issues than just Austin so to the people who complain about us being toxic , one moment. This comment is to all my issues in life
Life is tearing me down to the core these days and it sucks. Truly actually sucks

How are you?

Well went with the ladies for the girls wedding dress try on thing and that made me sad. She said yes to the dress and had the whole fun exciting day :/ good for her :((

Dude wtf is the purpose of this app like what are we really doing

Typically horny men. I keep it for my rants and thoughts

its like anytime ur sad is cuz of him one way or another

I don’t have much action in my life expect him and my family these days so don’t have other reasons to get sad over lmao


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