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Part 2 - If that is the case, and new shows aren't available due to covid delays, why not get something you never aired from the past few years or older. Even if it's not new, it might be new to a lot of viewers. Unless you still had the rights to Mob Psycho 100?

We still had the rights to Mob Psycho 100. Our budget has been cut (understandably) due to financial losses resulting from Coronavirus. Nothing cheaper than free!

Your RT's and favorites on twitter are trash. Especially the one of the person making fun of children making the pledge of allegiance. For someone who got rich off capitalism, its pretty funny you act like Communism is the greatest thing ever. I hope Toonami gets cancelled :)

Oh no! Some random coward who has to send me anonymous shitty messages doesn’t like me! Whatever will I do!!! Lol

Do you have something against airing isekai (transported/trapped in another world) anime on Toonami other than SAO? There have been at least a handful of them that are great shows with plenty of action.

Nothing against Isekai. Just haven’t had a good opportunity to air another one.

What do you have to say to fans who are concerned that Toonami now has barely any space for shows that aren’t additional seasons of what you aired in the past two years?

I say “don’t worry.”

Given your preference for a shorter and leaner Toonami that's closer to 3 hours. What was the line of thinking that lead to Toonami airing 5 hours of premiere episodes for a while in 2019? That was quite generous IMO and I'm still surprised you guys pulled that off.

That was just a confluence of a lot of opportunities to get shows coming our way at the same time. To a large degree, scheduling is sort of like directing a river. Sometimes you just have more shows available than you planned for, and sometimes, you can make room and spend the money to have them. And often to make up for that, you have to contract the schedule later to save some time and money for the next time the river starts overflowing!

Was one Apollo Gauntlet rerun at 4am not good enough for programming? Do they really need three more?

I dunno, why are you pissing in MY ear about it? I don’t control, or have a say in, the schedule.

What do you mean by programming wanted the slot?

Our programming department. The people who are responsible for programming what runs on our air.

It's 4am. Why the fuck was it so important they had it?

A better question: Why is it so important YOU feel the need to be rude to me, a complete stranger to you, about it?

Why did Toonami cut a premiere slot? Why haven't we gotten a new show this year yet?

We cut a slot because programming wanted the slot. As far as why there hasn’t been a new show since the year started... see the previous sentence!

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