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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, is premiering next Saturday. But I literally have not seen a promo for it on TV yet. Is there a reason you guys never air promos for new shows more than a week before the premiere?

Nick Reichling

We've been airing the promo for the last week. We normally promote shows two weeks out. Further than that doesn't usually have much of an impact, unless you have the budget to market a ton off channel, which we don't.

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It's great hearing that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders will be airing on Toonami later this month, but will the line "Holy Shit" be kept in TV broadcast of this series or will the line be altered or bleeped only on TV and heard clearly in the DVD / Blu-Ray release?

I can't imagine why people give a shit about stuff like this at all, but "shit" is not a word that's censored on Adult Swim these days, so rest easy.

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What is, in your personal opinion, the best rap/hip-hop record of the year so far?

It's been a strong year for rap so far. I love DAMN., the Vince Staples record, Future Hndrxx, and the new 2 Chainz are all very very strong. The Jay-Z is great, too.

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Maybe a subjective question, but I don't seem to get the difference between a biter & sample. Logic is perfect example, he has been excuse for biting artist's beats. Sometimes his beats sound almost exactly like a song but some people would he sample their beats & change the bpm, etc. Thought?

Here's the key difference: BITING means you made a track that sounds remarkably similar to someone else's track, either by accident or on purpose. That's sort of audio plagiarism. SAMPLING means you used a part of their song to make yours, and most likely recontextualized it in the process. Either way, when someone samples, they normally pay the sampled artist to use their work. Big difference, no?

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Will you be announcing the next TIE at SDCC?


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What's your thoughts on Bryson Tiller?

He's fine but I don't need a MORE milquetoast Drake in my life.

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Thoughts on the recent TuPac biopic (All Eyez on Me)?

I have zero interest in seeing it, I don't normally care for biopics and Jada's statement about how the movie misrepresented her relationship with Tupac just sealed the deal for me.

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Why do some Rappers feel the need to portray an image to the the public. Im not talking about their music just the image. Migos

I don't know what you're talking about. Every musician, especially pop musicians, create "image" to appeal to the public. That's part of their job. From Migos, to Taylor Swift, to Bob Dylan.

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Can you remember when the Original Launched? If you can what date and year?

Wow, you know what? I don't remember at all!

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I know that weeaboos are bad for the anime community but calling yourself an otaku isn't really a good idea given the negative connotations it has with the Japanese due to some Japanese murderer in the '80s that was into anime and caused such a stigma against anime fans since then.

No, not true at all. "Otaku" is still an incredibly common word in Japan given to anime fans. It does not have a negative connotation. Otaku = fan. Weeb = toxic wannabe, as far as Japanese people are concerned.

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Download for LUXE, please.

Sorry, not doing any more downloads for our music projects. Not enough people download music to make it worth securing those rights, anymore.

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What are your favorite streaming only (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc) originals?

Netflix- Black Mirror, The OA, Narcos, and Peaky Blinders are my favs.
Hulu- The Path, Handmaid's Tale.
Amazon- Patriot, Fortitude, The Man in the High Castle.

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Thanks for airing that classic Robotech spot last week. It inspired me to order the set and rewatch it!


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Do you think video games today should cost?

I think they cost what the market will bear. I mean, most AAA titles are designed for people to play a year or longer. They're huge, with multiplayer modes and co-op modes and multiple DLC packs. I never believed I or anyone else would pay for "season passes" of DLC content, but we all do!

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With the re-release of Akira on Blu-ray coming up soon, which version is the definitive? I've heard both dubs are good in their own way. Any particular collection releases to look for or all the same?

I really don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

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Was the music behind the Saturday Video Entertainment System block bumps ever released?

Chibueze Anakor


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Were there any notable promos you cut back in the day for Cartoon Network outside of Toonami you're particularly proud of or think came out really well. I remember you said you cut the Star Wars TCW promo but I don't remember you mentioning much else.

James Puso

Hm I did the SWCW seasons one and three trailers and promos, I also did all the Flapjack promos and the first Ben 10 live action movie promo.

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What is your take on the Alex Jones guy from info wars and Gavin McInnes of rebel media?

He's an insane moron, and his followers are morons. Gavin strikes me as a man who's very sad he lost out on a billion dollar business he co/created. And "proud boys" is some of the saddest shit I've ever seen.

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I've noticed lately that people on the internet seem to find some sort of social "outrage" in almost any movie/TV show. Everything from Hidden Figures to Iron Fist, Split, La La Land, Doctor Strange, and 13 Reasons Why. I'm worried people will think I'm a bigot for enjoying some of those. Thoughts?

My thoughts are that just because others find something offensive about those things, doesn't mean YOU have to. That doesn't make you a bigot either. On the other hand, you should think about the gripes those people have and put yourself in their shoes and think about how YOU might feel if you were them. You don't have to feel the same way, but that doesn't mean these people's feelings are any less valid than yours. Life is complex and we all don't have to agree on every issue, but nor do we get to minimize other people's pain....

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how do you feel about R&B today? anything you like?

I love R&B today! I like Ty Dolla, The Weeknd, Jeremih, The-Dream, Abra, KING., etc etc

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I have a problem at my college. There was a religious protestor spouting homophobic slurs at LGBTQ students as well as calling people whores and such. I went to security to tell them about this but they denounced what he did was protected under free speech. Where do I go from here?

I would just move on. That guy will get bored eventually. It sucks but what can you do. The only other thing you might try is giving him a dose of his own medicine- standing next to him and screaming anti-religious invective. But that could lead to a confrontation...

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Who are your favorite Black Metal artists?

Too many to list really, but right now I am really in love with Darkspace, and Blut Aus Nord.

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If [adult swim] forced you to put on a live-action movie for Toonami, but you were allowed to choose whatever you want and it would air without edits, what would you pick?

John Wick.

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How do you think a live action movie would do if toonami were to air one in this time?

No idea but we have no plans to do that.

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Even though there are people that hate you for it, I just want to say thanks for airing Sword Art Online on Toonami. My friends & I really got into the block with this series and we continue to enjoy Toonami's shows to this day. We hope SAO returns in the future, but regardless keep up the good work


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