Defectivehorn Apostle here, I heard you are a rather busy man Mr. Kim. Well, so am I these days. The extra wing of my house I had built to house the Cake sisters is done and they are well moved in and comfy. Now for the hard part. 1/?

2/? School is starting up and the State of Virginia is still a complete mess in regards of getting the kids back to school. So I made the call and bit the bullet, all of the kids are going to be home schooled with remote learning via zoom with certified teachers.
3/? Interestingly enough a number of my horns want to join in as well. Remember last year I told you I had a horn that tricked her way into going to school with my kids? She's now all excited to try again along side my daughters and the cake sisters.
4/? I do have a number of idle horns waiting for the crops to finish getting ready to be harvested so have to get them to be tied up with something till then. Even @muscle_Horn might learn how to write in cursive this fall.
5/5 Personally I am doing fine and so Is my wife all my kids. This year has been an insane one. It's Labor day now and Summer is done. I can feel Fall in the air at night. So can the horns. I suspect we will have a harsh snowy winter this year.
I am glad to hear your family is well, Defectivehorn Apostle. =w=
As for writing, it's clear that the horns have a capacity for it since the LEEDAH keeps the herd records, and from time to time it seems that haremhorns can understand the recrords (now and then the haremhorns can be seen glancing at the pages of the records after tidying up the records around a post-snack sleepy leedah) but they never seem to write anything themselves. It would be interesting to know what they would write if made to do so, since they usually limit themselves to herdtree/cave wall paintings.