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2/? I have noticed that the damaged herd and my defectives are not working together as well as I would like. I wondered if that herd would accept my defectives and stay here with me for a longer time, but that doesn't look like it will happen.

Different herds normally do not integrate together. That Very Old Leedah pulled off a near miracle. ;_;

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, Before the Herds entered my life, my wife and I got use to our kids hopping into bed to wake us up when we try to sleep in. Now they are directing a swarm of smallhorns to swamp us in the bed. We don't need alarm clocks to wake up any more. 1/?

All those little claws poking you through the sheets... ;www;

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Being a toaster almost makes it harder in some ways. What's weirder (and thus scarier): a no-horn that doesn't bully, or a haremhorn-ish no-horn without any smell?

Roomba chan
S-scary...!! What is it?!

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+1 answer in: “Defectivehorn Apostle here. The damaged herd wants to stay near me and my family. at least until they grow large enough to live on their own again. Or at least till they get over the fears of another Templar attack. For now, I am being swamped in himehorn. himehorn everywhere I swear. 1/?”

3/3 The Musclehorns see the digging as a challenge as to who can move the most earth in a set amount of time. It keeps them busy at least. Still, if they can mow a lawn, can a himehorn learn to drive a car? maybe one day I'll know.

I can see one haremhorn at the wheel and one haremhorn each for the brakes and gas. ;w;

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2/? On the other hand, The horns are performing quite a bit of work for me. I am teaching some of them how to handle a riding lawn mower safely so they can mow my lawn. All the musclehorns are really getting into my digging project I set them too. Defective or not, they want to dig!

Rip, tear, dig, lift... that's a musclehorn!

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Defectivehorn Apostle here. The damaged herd wants to stay near me and my family. at least until they grow large enough to live on their own again. Or at least till they get over the fears of another Templar attack. For now, I am being swamped in himehorn. himehorn everywhere I swear. 1/?

In a way you are very lucky. The only other lucky nohorn to get so close to a herd (even a defective herd) is the @Cakeist ... and maybe @HeatherCrunch . @Roombachan might count, but she's more of a toaster than a nohorn.

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4/4 on a good note. It is season for this so I have introduced my horns to watermelons. They are not the same as the melons from their old world, but they love it all the same, seeds and all. Duo is saving the seeds for replanting in the greenhouses.

Kukuku~ Algis will be so salty when she sees another melon garden out there.

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3/? As upset as I am, I can't stay that way forever. There is work to do. If I can find a good spot to start, I'll see if the musclehorns can get to digging out some underground chambers to hid the horns in when it get too hot or danger comes around. The rocks are tough to dig though here.

Work hard, masslehorns. It's all for the herd!

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, A follow up from my last posting to you. That cave in didn't cut off the witch caves to my world. It was just one of many connection. The Caves are HUGE and the connections are many. The wild herds found many connections, but even they didn't find them all. 1/?

The caves sure are mysterious. I bet some of them even lead to Enna's Domain...

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4/4 If you can talk to Algis for me, tell her that her Templars are no longer welcome on my world. Right now I'm too angry to be diplomatic with her.

Even a greatest cakewitch can't reach out to Algis... and she has her own purposes. To her, the horns are nothing but fertilizer for her ever-expanding garden. But the problem might be solved -- if the musclehorn caused a cave in, the pathway between your world and Big Egg might be severed forever. On the other hand, this means the herd can never go home... they'll have to get used to life where they are. ;_;

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3/? The number of the wild herd is now down to 2 hornmothers, 5 musclehorns, and 22 himehorns. They could only save a 1/3rd of their smallhorns and eggs. ..... The herd will survive and regrow from this. But tonight, there will be no happy songs. They morn, But I am angry at this.

2/? If it wasn't for the wild herd's cleaver and strongest Musclehorn to pull as Samson and cause a cave in, the whole herd might have been killed. I would like to think that cave in killed the Templars too, but I'll never know. The cave in was complete and I heard no sound from the rubble.

Heroic masslehorn... we'll never forget you. The haremhorns will probably start producing a wall or door painting about the cave in. Don't be alarmed if they start trying to find nice surfaces to paint on. ;w;

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Defectivehorn Apostle here. The wild herd is safe now and their wounds are treated as best as I can for now. I'll have to do more later, but they are stable tonight. Templars. Somehow they wandered though the witch caves and into my world. They were hunting the herds. 1/?

This is it. Nightmare mode activated.

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A portal to another world opens in front of you. You don’t know how long it will stay open or if you’ll be able to get back after you go through. What do you do?And which world would you choose ? A reminder , you might not be able to get back again !

I gotta be careful. Since I'm a middle aged salary man, I'm way more likely to fall into a grimdark isekai.

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2/? It's gotten so hot, the haremhorns are scrubbing the musclehorns down in tubs of ice water instead of hot water. They are not complaining about it. It'll be incredibly costly to dig deep underground shelters cool enough for my horns. perhaps some time later then.

If only there were some large hills or mountains around, the musclehorns could do the work themselves. ;w;

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, Summer is here. The crops are growing, The skies are clear, and the high heat is making my herd suffer. Earth has hot summers here and the horns from their old world appears to have not adjusted to that yet. They will live none the less. 1/?

The horns used to enjoy hot summers long, long ago... perhaps they've changed since they've started living in the caves. ;w;

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