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DanK, I just woke up from a dream where I went to a Police Station and there was a super cute girl with short hair, glasses and B-cups wearing just a towel. I couldn't utter a single word and I woke up trying to. How do I stop myself from commiting a crime in hopes of meeting her?

Commit a minor traffic infraction and hope for the best.

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2/2 I checked them later and it seems they are immune to it's toxin. Duo ate some of the Ivy, but had no ill effects from doing so. She told me it tasted awful and didn't want to do it again.

Interesting. Himehorns are also fairly resistant to squid poison (they merely hallucinate when ingesting large quantities).

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4/4 The wild herd had looted enough food to last along time if they control their eating rates. Still, they had to have been watching us for some time to figure out when to raid the store when there was no nohorns around to stop them. They are extremely clever and elusive it seems.

These hornmother snack raids have gone too far. Be thankful only your food was taken -- when himehorns get really hungry, nothing hits the spot like the soft crunch of underdeveloped smallnohorn heads.

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2/? Somehow they tore off the loading dock door and got in that way, avoiding the alarms. Nearly all the food stuffs, non electric powered kitchenware and basic medical things were taken. The money, computers and the pharmacy was left untouched. What I learned about it is not public.

Defectivehorn keeper here, I think I got a lead on the wild herd outside the cave. Well, I think I know why I haven't found any recent traces of the wild herd. Over the Christmas holiday I got a tip from an acquaintance I know. When the store was closed, it was nearly looted empty. 1/?

Defectivehorn keeper here, I REFUSE to ever use a himehorn egg to make cakes. I have a good grocery store just a short drive from my home and if I had too, I can raise chickens for the eggs that way. Besides, I am getting them to like brownies lately anyway.

More like this, then? =w=

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