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Now I am fixated upon an image of a himehorn, doted upon by many haremhorns, whose wide branching horn suddenly sprout melons.

>heavy melons
>hurts when they grow
>hurts then they're picked
>so heavy she has to lie down on the ground her entire life
>haremhorns won't stop sniffing her
why even live?

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Do himehorns have any extra senses that other nohorns don't have? Do that have a better hearing range than nohorns?

Excellent sense of smell. Also musclehorns have great reaction time, and haremhorns are highly sensitive to smallhorn and hornmother needs. Hornmothers have extra napping powers.

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DanK, I just woke up from a dream where I went to a Police Station and there was a super cute girl with short hair, glasses and B-cups wearing just a towel. I couldn't utter a single word and I woke up trying to. How do I stop myself from commiting a crime in hopes of meeting her?

Commit a minor traffic infraction and hope for the best.

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Defectivehorn keeper here, I REFUSE to ever use a himehorn egg to make cakes. I have a good grocery store just a short drive from my home and if I had too, I can raise chickens for the eggs that way. Besides, I am getting them to like brownies lately anyway.

More like this, then? =w=

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Darkcake won't have to worry, Cupcake will surely go to the caves for the free cake and leech on the good heart of the cakeist.

>tfw apostle eats all your cake
>tfw apostle sleeps in all your nests
>tfw apostle plays all your games and saves over your save files
>tfw apostle won't go home
why this

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