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Now I am fixated upon an image of a himehorn, doted upon by many haremhorns, whose wide branching horn suddenly sprout melons.

>heavy melons
>hurts when they grow
>hurts then they're picked
>so heavy she has to lie down on the ground her entire life
>haremhorns won't stop sniffing her
why even live?

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2/? So this will be my chance to witness all castes of himehorns growing up. The defectivehorn that was missing her left horn I believe will be a musclehorn. I want to record every fact and element of the herd's life so that other humans can learn and understand them.

Keep an eye on the defective musclehorn. Those can become very dangerous if they have temper problems...

Do himehorns have any extra senses that other nohorns don't have? Do that have a better hearing range than nohorns?

Excellent sense of smell. Also musclehorns have great reaction time, and haremhorns are highly sensitive to smallhorn and hornmother needs. Hornmothers have extra napping powers.

Defectivehorn keeper here, I REFUSE to ever use a himehorn egg to make cakes. I have a good grocery store just a short drive from my home and if I had too, I can raise chickens for the eggs that way. Besides, I am getting them to like brownies lately anyway.

More like this, then? =w=


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