Ask @muscle_Horn:

How'd you get so good at drawing!? I need to know!

I think I explained this before; I have a problem with separating work from life. Before my journey, there was a lot of free time in between. So, I wanted to work on drawing because of @CloneManga inspired me to try freehanding my sketches and further fleshing it out. Instead of those clunky looking junk I did before (still looks that way too).
my advice: Don't take my advice ;w; I'm not a good teacher.
I spent both days and night filling my pages with notes and curves, lines and shapes. combined them together, resized and refitted to get the desired shape, flesh it out, add lines and redraw it. A tedious and painful process that I was determined enough to do. I was unhealthy in how I dealt with this desire to get the images out of my head and onto paper.
In short; Take your time learning these things, with time comes a style. Don't hurt yourself rushing it, Because I draw things way too close to my books and notes and not how I'd like them to be. With that knowledge, I'm kinda stuck with it.

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