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If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

Finish your question, fool, the first part was enough. Idiots.

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What if you're home alone, at late night and you sneeze. Suddenly phone rings and when you answer, Someone whispers "Bless You" and hangs up?? What'll u do then?? ??

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“What happened”

Many months had passed before I even though about ask. Sorry.
>finally arrive as a starry-eyed moosal
>worked hard as a moosal barista
>wake at 4 am, falling out of bed
>class at the big no horn place
>study if I’m not working until 3am
>grades slip
>late for work
>food isn’t necessary till midweek or so
>study harder
>grades fall further
>for sure I’m not gonna make it
>I don’t wake up anymore
>I don’t go to work anymore
>spend the last few days packing, eating, drinking and smoking
>left for my herd without another word.
>couldn’t look at a harem horn
>wanted to drink but herd stuff
>can barely pick up a pen without putting it back down to play games
>found a nice job for the herd
>stopped smoking
>stuck on the drinking part
>pessimistic but I’m still musclehorn
>still feel taunted but what can I do, work off lost nohorn paper and improvise from there.
It’s getting better, thank you
All for being around. Happy norhorn New Years.

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Hey Musclehorn, how's it going? I know that spring is here and I'm sure that Defectivehorn Apostle's place is likely covered in mud pits and all, but I rarely hear from you and Dan Kim in along while. I miss you all.

Going along, moving around, getting acclimated back onto my Herd, it has been awhile.. I don't know. Been a long time.

Who do you look up too

(1/2)Authors, artists, and other Nohorns.
That wording is abit.. not sure, doesn't sound well, so, ill say this!!! .... uh, I don't care for a following. I only found this device, typed my experiences from a MuscleHorns perspective and became an artist, my **only** goal is to impress those I admire. Numbers aren't EVERYTHING , even I know that.

When will you upload picture as often as you did before

When I truly feel they are worthwhile. I was overzealous at my new ability to vaguely understand anatomy.. figure drawing and etc. So I threw it out without much thought. Now, I want to show you I've gotten better with a proper image.

What will happen to the muscle account ?

I don't quite understand. I'm not going anywhere, not that I know of. If you've been with me long enough, you'll know that I have left my herd as a clear defective to pursue my own personal goals, which is my personal journey.
Besides where else will you get the one and only, the strongest and CUTEST defectivemusclehorn?

My smell (or lack of it) was/is natural without artificial perfumes, because of the way I normally operate. So it never was as invasive as other people's smell could be. After staying here for so long, I guess the smell of the herd stuck with me the same way people smell like their houses.

Herdsmell in a bottle would be a good camping tool.
No "axe", or flowery perfume, it burns our noses, and I will have to drop kick you ;w;
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How do Himes communicate, musclehorn communication? most importantly, as a Herd, with all the Horn how does it stay cohesive?

All these good questions, I must have been gone for awhile.
Hornmothers, as the only egg-laying caste, obviously become the highest tier as they are most valued, obviously. So their opinions, wether it was decided because it makes them more happier or because it frightens them.
Haremhorn, being the true labor force has that close proximity to the mothers, young, and the MuscleHorns, for obvious reasons. Because they care, pamper, and feed. A MuscleHorn must obey for those three, then again. It's built within our very core.
MuscleHorns, mostly due to a haremhorns direction, context, and general "feel" if that makes sense.
However if little to no haremhorns are present then it's all based on assumption, smell and sound. If I were to stand in a alert or defensive position with a low growl, then something is wrong and the others will catch on with noses turned upwards and eyes focused; as if we've practiced this for generations.

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How does one become friends with the Herd?

That's more or less The cakeist, or the Defective Horn Keeper.
Maybe it's the way they naturally smell. Maybe it was at first contact when the Herd was already fed. Like the defective keeper, they're, like myself, defective by NormalHorn standards. Or.. does that make me stronger than the normal ones? Perspective. I'm off track.
There are many variables I'm sure, for me, smell, and attitude.
Maybe the cakeist had a similar smell to the herds, thus integrating him into the Herd as a no threat if anything, the most essential Horn.
The defective probably went through the same as both of them and whoever is closest became closely integrated to the Herd and will constantly smell of them.
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We think of you as Female Himehorns. What is "female" to you?

That's a.. good question, for we're just HimeHorns. What you call a "she" just refers to "us", doesn't really matter in the end, it's not part of our language in that sense? We're MuscleHorns, haremhorns, and hornmothers. Unlike the defective Hornkeeper, or the cakeist. Some of you get way too comfy around us.

I too enjoy Lovecraft. Was there a particular favorite of his?

Nyeehhhhhhhh.. eh...
It's more or less The The fact that some of his books conveyed the same feeling of dread, the thought of something beyond comprehension... hell, think of some horror Staring at us from the sky and the nohorns nor anyhorn could do anything to stop it's rampage, even if it wasn't it's intention. We're ANTS here!!!
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