Ask @muscle_Horn:

I'm feeling insecure about myself lately :(

Hmm. Perhaps it's a physical thing? Or social?
Hmm.. I'll tell you a secret. It's a secret that the first NoHorn I met told me. One day I asked him, " how can you stand in front of all those NoHorns, look confident, and not break a sweat or stammer when you talk?" He laughed, looked at me, and said, "well, I'm actually quite horrified! But it makes me stand on my toes!", "You can bullshit anything if you have enough confidences, don't got it? Own it and bullshit that too!!"
If it's physical, I have a story for that too!
He was talking to some girl during a NoHorn meet she was crying about something silly. He said to her "it is my honest belief that some insecurities are imposed on by social standards. In the end it's all about you. You are all you've got. Don't waste your time making people happy, you must think of yourself first."

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Do you strive for fame or attention? Now that you've improved?

Heavy questions tonight, eh?
No, I only care to be noticed by the select few who inspired me in the first place.
IF you enjoyed my art, that in itself is enough for me.
I want nothing more than to be able to share with those who inspire me and walked along with me. They know who they are!~

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Your journey as an artist? From start to finish?

When I first started... After any hunting party, I would listen to Herd songs and whatever the noHorn visitors would play and make stories according to that song. Every story was about a page long, depending on the song length. Whether it was stories or today's drawings; They're intricate and often complicated to complete.
There's fun in a challenge with yourself when completing something. Soon I made little doodles as storyboards on ideas and projects that never saw the light of day. Fast-forward to today, Still having difficulties in drawings and still recoiling after my "Crash course into oblivion of art"
I've wanted to animate but my knowledge of background, shadows, and shapes are still trivial and with my complicated scenes I would surely die before anything is done.

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