Ask @muscle_Horn:

How do you sleep?

I use to sleep sitting next to MuscleHorns, sitting up with haremhorn sleeping in my lap while the fire wood was being rationed, laying in the leaves with a MuscleHorn after work or haremhorn when she is scolding me about laying on top of her. (I wouldn't put my full weight on her!! >:T )
Now I sleep alone.
Perhaps when I get back to my new herd ican ask if it is okay if haremhorn woul hold me, pat my head and sing me songs.
. *bloop bloop*

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I need to know on how to make my art better

I need to ask that question too, it's the same thing every otherhorn says; "practice makes perfect" which is very true.
Don't do what I did and stay up days and night accelerating "practice" to an unhealthy degree.
I was already stressed. No food, drink, or sleep can do a number on you. I fell asleep in the shallows when haremhorn was bathing me. Maybe she gave me gentle rubs and hummed a song.. One way or a other I was on her lap. Perhaps I fell on her.

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How do you deal with failure?

I always talk about my first attempt at starting my journey. I was so excited, happy, and.. how do you say? In the moment? Once I finally had my goal in hand it was ripped away from me. Like a perfectly constructed plan that flopped on the first phase.
I was so distraught, embrassed, and angry. I stopped eating for awhile.
Then, I re-evaluated, re-planned and set gears in motion to send myself off once more; it worked. I'm still here.
Keep going, retry, redo and rework. The Nohorns and my original Herd did a lot for me, without even knowing.

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How dangerous are you?

I'm defective, left my original Herd to wander elsewhere, successfully integrated into a new Herd, I'm constantly moving, and that means. If I'm hungry, I don't have to worry about territory, I'll just keep going until I catch up with my next meal.
Oh? Asker? Is that.. you? I'm coming close- Don't run~! Don't worry, no matter how fast and far you go, I'll catch up to make sure you're all safe~ : )

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