Ask @Roombachan:

At what age should we start thinking about wedding?

When you've got a good measure of yourself as a person and your role in the world, when you've taken stock of your flaws and worked to at least lessen them, and generally have some measure of stability in your life that would let you feel comfortable planning 10+ years into the future at minimum.
High standards I know, but I think merging your life with someone else's isn't something to be taken lightly at all!~

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>that lumbar hyperlordosis / You alright? That posture looks painful. Separately, how flexible are you exactly?

My range of motion is about the same as a human, give or take a few degrees. Fortunately maxing out my joints range of motion just give me the equivalent of a "check engine" light inside my head instead of the kind of humans experience with pain.
Here's a more moderate pose instead <3

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Do you like to be out of your comfort zone? What do you feel at that moment?

Not really, if I'm out of my comfort zone then there is probably something I don't understand so I have to overclock my processor to try and make sense of it before I make some kind of mistake and then have to think even harder about how to fix it and...
No, I'll stick to my comfort zone thanks. I'm all for growing what I'm comfortable with though, but I'll read a few good books on the subject before jumping in!~ <3

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