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I'm curious, do you come with a wi-fi connection?

Yep!~ It's the primary way I interface with the rest of the house. I have a built in cellular modem too for when i'm away too. It's super convenient!~ <3

how was first kiss

Awkward to say the least. I hadn't really kissed anyone before (I was kinda scared too even, sounds silly now but true) and Lilly had no idea how to read my body language at a level she was used to so it ended up being a bit of a stalemate haha~ Needless to say with lots of practice we both got better <3

I don't like my friend but he likes me a lot. Dealing with him is tiring, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. What can I do to get away?

Just let them know you need some personal time and get them to respect that if they don't. You said they where a friend so I don't think you want to cut them out of your life 100% so you just need to communicate a bit more. Best of luck anon!~

Do you like going out? Like, like like?

Not quite sure what "like like" could mean in this case... in love with the idea of dates? I of all people can't judge people for strange attractions but still. I usually do enjoy going out though, it's a bit tiring for a home-body like me but the new experiences and fun memories totally make up for it!~ <3

How's your day? How does it start, how does it go, how does it end?

My day starts with either getting out of bed or off my charger and making breakfast and coffee for everyone. After that I'll do all the basic daily cleaning things around the house before throwing together a light lunch. After lunch I'll spend some time reaching out to my friends online and check in with all of them. I'll usually take a nap/recharge while the mistress is out for the evening (particularly if I plan on having someone over later on) then wake up to run to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the nights dinner as requested by the mistress (and make it of course!). Afterwards I'll do all the day's dishes and then take some time to relax and cuddle a bit with either one of my my partners or the mistress as availability allows. Finally, as it starts getting late I'll either go to bed or back to my charger (again as mood and availability allows)
It might sound simple or perhaps even dull, but for me it's my ideal life!~ <3

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What is that white place? Are you in android heaven? Did you fist robot girls?

Ahaha, no warranties got voided!~ It's just my new apartment. I'm a life in maid for a bit of an eccentric currently. We get along pretty well outside of her slightly obtuse dinner requests (tonight's request was "Creamed Anxiety" which in turn received chicken paprikash). Due to some unique circumstances she doesn't have any problems with Lilly visiting as she's apparently a pretty important person to Lilly's company. After making enough "morning after" breakfasts I'm starting see why!~ So far it's been a pretty nice arrangement for us <3

How does your nutrition differ from other people's?

The major difference is that it's basically entirely optional, it all becomes electricity at some point. Why I usually just order an alcoholic drink or desert when eating out on dates, both are very easily converted by my fuel cells into electricity with minimal digestion required. Lucky me huh? <3


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