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What's something that you've read recently that you've liked?

Record of Wortenia War.
I liked it enough I'm going to try the second one. It's pretty normal for a reincarnated in another world except it's a big musclenohorn.

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Do you agree we should keep our friends close and enemies even closer?

Why would you keep enemies around? Squish'em and then they're gone.

Now be honest, Now with 2020 is done but you fear what 2021 will bring you.

2020 didn't change much here. It was harder for Cakeist to go get things but that was all. :/
2021 could bring more Templars but that's a normal thing to worry about.
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Do you agree with the saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease?

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets grease.
Sometimes they get replaced with a new one.


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