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What I meant was.. what are the limits of his powers? Can he do more than Atomic Manipulation? Like, Subatomic and/or Particle Manipulation? I'm sorry if this is long and confusing. I'm just really curious. Thanks. :)

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Very little is known about his powers or the extent of them

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+1 answer in: “What is the peak of Atomix's powers? Love your work on Teen Titans and Omniverse btw. Grew up watching them.”

On the buff Cooper subject... I always had a crack theory it was a Life Model Decoy he operated remotely and he purposely made it look like Kevin to try and win Gwen over lol

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+1 answer in: “A while back I went through the IDW OV comics to see if they fit in canon, and very few of them contradict anything abt the show! A lot of em even fit snugly between episodes here and there! Even gave Buff Cooper a cameo lol”