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what do you think about abortion

It’s not my place to have an opinion. If someone pregnant is seeking one, then they’ve no doubt thought through all their other options and this is their best or safest one.

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I think my crush is gay. He is always talking about guys and saying weird things. How do I know that he is gay for sure?

Ask him??

If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?

Informed consent hormone replacement therapy was the way of the world globally, allowing trans individuals no waitlists or roadblocks to care.

Tell me one of your dreams

Dreamt that multiple people in my life that have zero attachment to video games all simultaneously got into Splatoon 3 and I had to teach them the ropes while taking advantage of their naïveté to quickly rank up in Splat Zones.

How do you feel about ghosting

Keyboard manufacturers should use better parts that allow me to press multiple keys at the same time, is my thought.

Are you still traumatized by stuff that happened to you in highschool?

Middle school and college were more traumatizing in the actual psychological sense than High school. I had friends that shared a similar schedule and limited responsibility.

Were you ever on television before?

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I potentially appeared in B-roll that wrapped blocks of news on my local NBC affiliate as they filmed a specific park and I cut through there to catch a train twice. Whether I did or not, I have no idea. If I wasn’t there, then no I haven’t.

Learn how to take an L

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You scan your ticket at the little turnstile, you get on the train of the line color you want, and you wait until you get to the stop closest to your destination. You can either sit or stand.

Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers.

He also thinks that he can declassify documents by thinking about ‘em so maybe he’s just got stupid ideas. Solve the issue of why people turn to using and/or selling drugs, and destroy the stigma around them to better help those in need.


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