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Is this the next dating app?

It’s a site for asking people questions and those people answering them. To that end, the Minecraft Wiki may as well be a dating site to you.

Why wouldnt you want to be president? why do oldest male people be selected only most times for presidency? Is our gov an implyful goldigger like 💯% or when is it not?

Old white guys have a lot of political experience as they got to start young and get dug in, and seniority is ability in the eyes of the DNC/RNCs leads and this has left to the superstimulus of the DNC deciding their posterboy was older than Trump, Bush Jr, and Clinton, who all served years ago.

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Would you ever have the balls to do OF?

angel_xox7’s Profile Photoangel_xox7
I’m sex repulsed specifically in regards to my own body so I’d never do it unless some crazy shit happens to me during transition and I suddenly get infinitely more comfortable in my own skin

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What’s your opinion on trans people?

They fucking rule, though I’m biased given that I’m transfeminine myself

In your opinion, what makes a person “lame”?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Casual bigotry is a huge one. So many people just make homophobic or racist quips even if they think it’s okay because they’re not saying slurs.

Why are women under so much stress in 2024?

Maybe the genocide in Palestine or the genocide in Congo or the genocide in Sudan or the rising Fascism in the West or the warmongers who profit off that perpetuating it or perhaps it’s how pay has not kept up with expenses and it’s pushing massive swaths of America into abject poverty and homelessness? Just a couple fast guesses

What’s your least favorite genre of music?

deporky9’s Profile PhotoIts Tiffy Time
Split between post-9/11 country and bling rap as they both turn a storytelling folklore piece in rural and urban American communities respectively into whitewashed sanitized platitudes without any substance. KPop would be my runner up and it’s just because I see is as mediocre as regular pop, just with some Oriental fetishism stapled to it.

Have you ever ridden around a store in one of those motorized carts?

eyehavebadgas9’s Profile PhotoGO KNIGHTS GO!
My job is in part to stop this from happening and bring em back as accessibility devices aren’t toys and they tend to get abandoned in the back corners of the store after a while when people legitimately need them. I do end up riding in them but I have to kick them along as it turns out they’re not fast enough to be fun.

Do you know how to code?🧑🏽‍💻

Inigo1’s Profile PhotoI
I could write you the bare minimum in HTML5, Unity C#, and GameMaker’s GML language. I *do* however know how to look up how to do stuff I don’t get so I could push a little past my knowledge base to create things, but that can only get me so far. I don’t have a programming brain.

First app you used

sagetoriola53’s Profile Photosagetoriola53
Probably either one of those virtual guns where you tap the screen and the gun shoots, or some archaic version of paper toss where you aim for the trash. This would have been 2008-2009? We had a shared iPod Touch for a while; I’d get my own smart device in like 2011?

Favorite horror games?

kandydevil’s Profile PhotoKΛNDYDΣVIL✨
Resident Evil Village, if it counts, is genuinely a superb spiritual successor to the likes of Half-Life 1 in its ludic interactions, puzzle solving, and combat philosophy while also having plenty of its own charm, including some of the best antagonists I’ve seen in an FPS. That game’s got a helluva texture to it.

wwyd if the zombie apocalypse started this instant?

c4rtm4nroolz2’s Profile Photoc4rtm4nroolz
Fetch my friends from their job, get ahold of seeds, and start a farming commune out in the middle of nowhere ASAP.

Last purchase on Amazon?

Tripods for VR base stations and tinting film for the bright LEDs in my room.

Have you ever had to install windows on a freshly built computer? Is it difficult to do?

ItsTiffyTime’s Profile Photo
I’ve maybe installed two operating systems in my time but for the most part you’d download the OS’ installer on someone else’s computer and put it on a USB stick, which you then boot the new computer into to install. The process hasn’t really changed much in the last 20 years, just it’s a flash drive and not a CD.

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How did some people manage to be on this app for 10+ years? How can you deal with so much toxic energy, bullying ,harassment, racism, ableism, bigotry etc? I've been here a year and someone told me to go back to my country.

I follow nobody and only answer the slop that appears in my queue. I delete comments that don’t add anything and do not interact with anyone else beyond answering their questions. I don’t pay for any of the features and refuse to support the site in any way. I just answer my questions and actively push away the shitheels.

What’s your favorite kind of popcorn?

Peyton88953’s Profile PhotoPeyton
If I’m just after a bagged corn, then original Skinny Pop has my preferred salt and oil amounts, being light but still flavorful. I tend to prefer popping my own corn in a stainless steel kettle with a neutral oil and a dash butter-flavored salt along the standard table salt. Nuts on Clark’s cheddar corn is my go-to for sinfully decadent seasoning

Who is your favorite Super Smash Brothers fighter?

kandydevil’s Profile PhotoKΛNDYDΣVIL✨
I’m so lost in the sauce that my mains are Terry and Ryu. I feel pretty confident in saying the next Smash will have a cut down roster and will likely not include Capcom’s and SNK’s fighters so I’m gonna be *lost* if a new one does release. My only saving grace would be if they just port Ultimate to new consoles in the future.

Lock me up if you want. I will never be a slave. What about you??

Owlinwolf’s Profile PhotoZero of the Chosen Ones
Incarceration in the US exists as a loophole to keep slavery while on paper banning it and making a big fuss about it. Most people in jail are people of color for drug infractions, primarily cannabis which has roots in African and Latino cultures that white America shunned. The whole thing’s horrible, even without privately owned for-profit jails.

Do you understand why some people may like/prefer dark chocolate over any other kind of chocolate? Personally, it’s too bitter for me and the aftertaste is the worst part IMO.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
It’s nice to experience that complex cocoa flavor without it being drowned out by dairy and sweetness. That said, I only really have dark chocolate on its own and in concentrations up to 82% dark. It needs some sweet. The aftertaste can be helped with having something as a chaser; my standard one is bitter crackers and water.

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What da fawk is this site????? It seems creepy af.

ellem1983’s Profile PhotoLouisa Muskovits
People ask questions which get added to a global pool or to a person’s feed directly. Those people then answer the questions. For some reason, this requires a pay-to-win leaderboard based on literal popularity tokens. The whole thing’s a bit rubbish.

U got games on ur phone?

ohmygodwut’s Profile PhotodariBee
I have Mini Metro, Universal Paperclips, and Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection because lightweight, high-contrast experiences are the only thing I can see on the screen when the sun hits it

Do we really have freedom of speech????

tredadork’s Profile PhotoTrevor Agan
In America, the specifics on the Freedom of Speech are pretty definitely outlined. It means the government can’t arrest you for saying the President sucks but they could arrest you faking a fire in a theatre or rampant antisemitism, for instance. It’s more than just three words; the full rights of the first amendment are robust.


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