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I need advice... so this girl and I finally broke the ice and spoke to each other after texting a lot on snapchat she sit by me and said she would from then on and now all of a sudden she doesn't anymore and she said she has some things to figure out and I dont understand it, it just hurt really bad

Kids in Africa r dying

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Your not in the stars but it feels like your just as far tell me how to travel back from lovers into strangers my whole world revolved around you now my sky's gone dark tryna fill the empty space with something to remember

Go find less

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I sometimes get jealous when I see other girls connecting and forming a friendship with a deep bond and resent them because of my inability to do the same. Any advice?

Do whatever tf you want. I’m not you.

I dont know what to do my life is ruled by depression I can't even make it past 9 am without crying usually

I’m really tired and no mental capacity fa this


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