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would u say its cute if someone is jealous or not?

If healthy jealousy yes but if it's beyond that, nah.

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Tinder or bumble, which is better? And I mean better, mas mataas ung chance na makahanap ng seryoso sa relationship

pastortetiman6’s Profile PhotoPastorSage
Bumble. If you're a girl, use bumble. You can't start a conversation with a matched partner if you're not initiating the first move. This also diminishes the stigma where guys should always make the first move where in fact, it is genderless. Women should also know how to approach men too and this app can be a training ground and who knows, find their potential partners 🙂

Kung makipag date ka ano madalas mo sinusuot?

I wear what makes me feel comfortable. Usually I wear dresses lalo na pag cotton yung fabric niya cause it's smooth and di irritating sa skin :)

What's your skincare routine? (Mind sharing your secret? hehe)

Aegyoswagger’s Profile PhotoElaiza
My skincare routine consists of the ff:
1. Cleanser. I use products that have salicylic acid as it helps diminish my acne (ie. Cosrx)
2. Toner.
3. Serums (ie. Niacinamide, Vitamin C, depuffing for the eyes)
4. Moisturizer
5. Sleep mask. This is optional, i usually apply it every other night esp when i apply a few serums.
Products i usually use are from Cosrx, Dear Klairs and The Ordinary

Gusto ko magpaganda kasi feeling ko may kulang sakin.. I don't know pero ang may dahil neto ay yung boyfriend ko hays..

Girl, be pretty for you. Do it for you. Don't do it to please other people. External validation won't make you feel better. Promise.

Help. what’s the first step when you want to ghost that person

Much better tell that person how you feel about them. Ghosting a person isn't gonna solve the person, it'll make you feel shit eventually.

kumusta mental health mo?

Honestly, I'm waiting for my therapist to come back. 2 weeks kasi siyang on leave so hopefully once she's back, I'll be booking a session with her. Been long overdue na since our last session.
Yes, pretty transparent ako with my mental health. I'm trying to be functional as I can but, di rin kaya at some days :)

What is your priority at this moment of your life?

nicavecino’s Profile Photonicavecino
Working on myself. A thorough healing internally. To be able to have peace of mind, a healthy heart and mindset and to thrive amidst the setbacks in life.
Bonus points nalang po yang lovelife. The right person will arrive in the right time.

mag move on na ba ako o ipaglaban ko pa?

Kung toxic po yung relationship, move on na po.
Kung may mutual understanding kayo to work on it together, may chance pa to try again.
And again, kung hindi lang toxic yung relationship ha.


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