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I wanna cry, but can't! I usually go wash my face to calm down but its three in the morning I just washed my face a couple hours ago. how do you deal with wanting to die!? My self esteem on a ultumite low!boyfriend doesn't really like to to give me reassurance. And I can't cry kinda wanna cut rn

Hey champ.
Talk to me, don't get depressed.
Think about your good times in life .
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If the intended person reads, what is your message?

Believe me I am struggling hard in my life to meet your demands.

Samny wala galut kr rha hai Dokha dy rha hai, Apka haq mar rha hai Apko in sb sort e hall ka pta chal b jaye or pta chal b rha ho, Lekin wo taluq aysa hai k openly bolny sy apko mazeed nuqasan ho sakta hai to ayse situation me kya krna chaiye ?

Itna lamba sawal?
Bhai itny lamby to main answers nahe likhta kitna apny questions likha.
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