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Merry Christmas 🎁⛄ ..... What's the best christmas gift you've ever received? And from whom?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
Thanks everyone who wished me a Merry Christmas, including yourself! Hope you all had a lovely time with friends and / or family! 🎁🎄 @jenylovespeace @chrissyjillson @Coolio247 @redoasis2017 @LouisaRHale @missygls
But to answer your question, I'd say an underwater camera which I got from my parents! It wasn't high end or anything but it helped me spark my love for photo / videography! By combining it with my love for being it in the water 📸🐠
(Not taken with that camera specifically but many years later with a gopro)
Merry Christmas   Whats the best christmas gift youve ever received And from

What are your hobbies and interests?

Bouldering, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, metal work, making jewellery, writing poetry, sculpting, making clothes, 3D animation, 3D art, writing songs, travelling, hiking, camping, metal detecting, treasure hunting, art, painting, drawing, digital art, history, science, theoretical science, subatomic particle science, fringe science, photography, videography, bike riding, novel writing, illustrating, wood work, cooking, gaming, making people laugh, motivational videos, both watching them and making them, learning about poisonous plants, science documentaries, history and science museums. And so much more

What are your hobbies and how did you get into them? 🧑‍🎨⚽️🛹🎤🎮📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
Equestrian- got into it when I lived in Germany
Art- always loved drawing and doodling, most recently digital painting
Photography and Videography- love of nature and my YouTube channel

chị bắt đầu với media tnao ạ? kiểu at the very beginning ý chị dùng máy gì and bắt đầu vs chụp trc hay vid trc and so on ạ trâm kể hết đi ạ

Chị thực sự bắt đầu sau khi thi xong cấp 3, aka lúc được mua cái kit Canon 700D. Chị dùng để quay một cái vid ngắn ngắn vớ vẩn so you can say that I started w videography rồi dần dần pick up việc chụp ảnh. Hồi lớp 7 lớp 8 có tham gia một CLB làm phim ngắn but it was very insignificant and I didn’t do anything. So có thể nói là chị chỉ có hơn 2 năm kinh nghiệm thôi :)))

apa pandangan kamu tentang dunia "cinemathography"atau dunia perfileman , dan siapa teman mu yg bergelut dibidang tersebut? ans ya! penting buat laporan pengamatan 😂

dunia dimana kita menyalurkan kreatifitas kita melalui sebuah film atau video. atau bisa juga untuk menyalurkan ekspresi, perasaan, dan isi hati ke sebuah skenario yg nantinya di filmkan.
@arif_moslem5 teman yg biasa buat videography

Hi, i'm planning to buy a camera. What would you recommend for a camera that can shoot good videos, and at the same time, capture good pictures?

This is gonna be a somewhat long post so get ready.. My advice is going to be applicable to video but I'm not sure about photography. Sony: +Shoots in 4K for a much cheaper price in comparison to Canon's 1Dc which is the only camera from Canon that can shoot 4K at the moment. Canon 1Dc (roughly $8000) +Great in low light (A7Sii especially) +Shoots 1080p up to 120fps in certain models +Available adapters to mount lenses from other brands +a flat picture profile is built in meaning color correction for video work becomes easier - Can be expensive for low budget videographers/ those who are just starting out. Ex: The Sony A6300 which is considered a prosumer camera is 15 mil rupiah - Adapters with autofocus supporting lenses from other brands are expensive -limited native lens variety -4K has to be recorded with an external recorder. Panasonic +Can shoot 4K internally (G7 and GH4) +Offers 1080p up to 96fps (GH4 although there is no audio or autofocus while shooting at 96fps) (G7 offers 60Fps) +Offer more features such as focus peaking, zebras,
etc built in. +The price of a G7 kit is roughly the price of a canon 760D body/ 750D kit +A smaller sensor (m4/3) crops lenses by 2x so longer zoom ranges are easier to reach. +Manual lenses work well with cheap manual adapters +a flat picture profile is built in meaning color correction for video work becomes easier -Native lenses are expensive (in Indonesia due to tax) -Average autofocus (Canon 70D provides the best autofocus for the price) -Electronic adapters offering autofocus for other lenses is expensive Canon +700D kit is significantly cheaper in comparison to the G7 kit (roughly 4 million rupiah cheaper) +Larger lens variety due to third party brands supporting the EF lens mount. +More affordable options when it comes to lenses + Supports magic lantern which is a program that adds focus peaking, zebras and other cool features that assist in videography + The autofocus system found in the 7D, 7Dii, 70D and 80D are much better in comparison to Panasonic and Somy -Only shoots in 1080p 30fps and offers 60 fps in 720p (The 80D and 7D mark 2 offer 1080p 60fps) - Doesn't shoot in 4K except for the 1Dc which is EXPENSIVE -No built in flat color profile but can be installed w a computer or tweaking the default color profile. Imo if you're vlogging most of the time go with canon for the great autofocus but if you're doing anything else, I recommend Sony or Panasonic for the ability to record in 4K resolution which produces a better 1080p when scaled down. Try to watch videos online of Panasonic,Sony and Canon cameras to see which specific camera /brand you like best. I realize I completely ignored your question about photography so sorry about that lel.

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I wish Indonesia can produce more meaningful video/tv show/iklana tau apapun itu yang terkait sama videography deh, the message is really strong for the cocacola one, great job beneran sampe menitihkan airmata gue....

rahdian’s Profile PhotoYang Mulia
wah ngga nyangka impactnya begitu besar buat dirimu dan juga orang-orang lainnya yang mungkin bisa relate dengan hal ini.
buat yang belum tau mungkin bisa cek video dokumenter yang dibikin sama Anatman Pictures di:
http://youtu.be/HkboBCpm83gnaninimamonto’s Video 135747812519 HkboBCpm83gnaninimamonto’s Video 135747812519 HkboBCpm83g
ada hal menarik yang ditemukan saat proses pembuatan video dokumenter ini, yaitu batas tipis antara panggilan sayang dan bullying di dalam nama panggilan aneh yang diciptain seseorang/kelompok untuk orang lain. pas di-research memang biasanya mayoritas orang ngga sadar klo more or less nama panggilan aneh itu bentuk bully. gua percaya sih nama itu doa karena tanpa lo sadari lo akan bertindak, berpikir, dan melakukan hal-hal sesuai dengan arti nama yang diberikan ke lo. ketika nama panggilan aneh itu udah melekat, tanpa disadari juga semua pemikiran dan tindakan berdasar pada nama itu. gua bisa bilang kayak gini karena pengalaman sendiri dan denger cerita dari orang-orang yang awalnya ngga sadar dan pasrah aja deh dipanggil nama panggilan yang ngasal. soalnya yang manggil teman dekat dan ya udah akhirnya dimaklumi sebagai panggilan sayang. sampe akhirnya orang tua gua sendiri yang protes dan marah kenapa gua dipanggil dengan nama yang ngga sesuai dengan nama asli.
hehe gitu aja sih *curcol ??
p.s: fak yu yang dulu udah nyiptain nama panggilan oma untuk gua ha ha hi hi hu hu he he ho ho

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naninimamonto’s Video 135747812519 HkboBCpm83gnaninimamonto’s Video 135747812519 HkboBCpm83g

I just read your question from a year ago about wealth and happiness being mutually exclusive. So i was wondering, which path would you pick? Videography etc or the generic jobs (lawyer, engineer)

I'd thought about this for a while and, albeit reluctantly, I've picked the generic jobs. I mean, doing videography would be great, even moreso if I were successful in it. But the chances of success aren't particularly high for me and that would be an unstable income for the future.
Dad once told me that eventually, I'd have to start considering that what I do now is not for myself, rather it is for my future family. The job I choose to take and the money I save can make all the difference between a comfortable life for my family in the future and, well, a struggle. Do I want to look at my kids in the future and say "I'm sorry, I can't afford to send you to that school/uni"? No. Dad's philosophy was to work hard enough to be able to tell both Mark and I that we can go to whichever school we want, that the only barriers to us would be our grades. Dad wanted Mark and I to have experiences that he couldn't have when he was younger. And though times may change, technology may advance, travelling may become more affordable, his philosophy is still one that is particularly timeless to me.
Besides, I guess I was exaggerating it a bit. No matter what path I choose, happiness will always be a choice. Like a wise old man once said, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light"

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beb lihat video romantis ini pasti kamu nangis deh :"(. LIKE DAN SUBSCRIBE CHANEL NYA YA SAYANG :), TUNGGU VIDEO KLIP ROMANTIS BERIKUTNYA :). MAKASIH :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIyvXw0H4yU&list=PLogEbqva46JZXDY-UQDi2SMF7EfDquqFO&index=3

Haduh gatau beb aku bingung mau buat videography lg cuman ganemu konsep wifi mati yawes tamat hm ok we keep this love in photograph we can do this all night is it too late now to say sorry why i got u on my mind 😂😂😂

Hi there Ryan, would like to ask how did you started a YouTube channel? Is it only out of passion ? Or do you have any other factors that help you made this decision? Greetings from Melbourne! Really love your videos!

It was a platform for me to practice wedding videography and photography, and also editing. Nothing more, nothing less. It then accidentally went viral and we had been doing ever since

Would you consider doing more "short-film" styled videos like The Favour and The Break-in? Or is NOC's current focus more on comedy? I really enjoyed the SF videos and your travel guides (especially SG food guides), Keep Up the amazing Videography Skills! ?

The films are really hard to shoot n think.. But what I really wanna do is comedy; however it's too much to think and do

Really wish to be able to work for NOC as I know there's a lot of things to learn from and I love working behind the scene type. Done event jobs like at expo, and experienced in photography, videography and administration jobs. Had sent my resume when you guys are hiring but didn't get a reply =(

We had hired 5 new people and currently at full capacity, as such we also don't really have the Budget for more :( but do keep a look out if we're hiring again!

You don't even know me I do tons of stuff to not be a disgrace, and how did Brie fuck you over ? Also hate to tell you this but your little smash fan club is a bunch of fat Asian kids who are probably 6 years old 😂 and videography will get you next to nowhere in life

What the melee did you just taunting say about me, you little scrub? I'll have you know I'm the top of all the tournaments in my country, and I've been involved in the raid of Subspace, and I have over 1000 confirmed meteor smashes. I am trained in up smashing and I'm the top smasher in the bottom tier. You are nothing to me but just another level "puny". I will wipe you out with skill you haven't averaged on your daily replay, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying shit to me on Wifi? Think again, Ganon. As we speak I am contacting my Tourneyfag friends and your CDs and stickers are being stolen, so you better prepare for the falcon, noob. The falcon that punches out the pathetic ellipses you call your live stock. You're fucking KO'd, kid. I can be anyone, any color, and I can kill you over 5 times, and that's just with one life. Not only am I extensively trained in close combat, but I have access to the entire items listed in Sm4sh, and Melee, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your lives off the stage, you little noob. If only you could have known what combo kill your little taunt was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have paused your fingers. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn noob. I will sling punches all over you and you will be Star Ko'd. You're fucking owned, primid.

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Good morning :) sekedar mengumpulkan opini. Bagaimana cara mengurangi atau menghilangkan mindset bahwa kerja kreatif itu gampang dan tak perlu dibayar mahal? Kawan2 designer, photographer, videographer, dll pasti sering mengalami perlakuan seperti itu.

I think it's safe to say that those people with that kind of mindset are mostly uneducated twats.
When will people start realising that being an artist isn't THAT easy? From what I've heard, they write 20 pages every week, draw at least 15-30 drawings each week, take photos and paint and design, etc.
Take photography and videography as examples, if you still think they're easy then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. Those photographers and videographers work their asses off to create something magnificent, you think you could pull off what they did in nat geo, etc? Well if you think it's easy then be my guest and try.
I read an article, "artists shouldn't be paid for their work. Getting paid prevents them from creating really good stuff." The fuck?! If they didnt get paid then they would have to work another job to support themselves and would have no time creating arts. Seriously though, what's wrong with you dumbasses?!
I believe art is a contribution to society bc it brings joy, it solves problem and being paid more allows you to make that contribution and your contribution expands in relation to the amount of time you put into it. More hours = expanded contribution to this world with your God-given talent.
Honestly, it's such a crazy notion that a single particular profession should not be paid more or should be free (while everyone else gets paid...)
society is indeed cruel

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ate ida, i really really love editing videos and pictures and stuffs involve with those things. i enjoy photography and filming too. but at the same time i love science, i love medical stuffs. im really torn to pick what course should fit me. can u help me decide? or what can u suggest? thanks! ily!

For me kasi you can practice photography, videography etc without having a degree about it. Medical stuff, pinagaaralan talaga yon.
So for me, go for med school then practice your passion on the side nalang :)
But think about what you wanna do in the future too. Do you want to be a doctor? Or do you want to be in the creative industry? Cause if its the latter, i think you're wasting your time with a medical course if you don't plan on doing it for the rest of your life :)

kak ajarin shoot" kamera dong , mau belajar nih , trus penting gak sih peralatan ? saya kurang bisa edit" juga nih , editing penting?

nia ramadhani
Hmm . Mungkin aku bisa bantu kamu sedikit tentang dasar-dasar pengambilan cinematography.
1. Follow = mengikuti objek
2. Tilt = Gerakan menyamping dari subjek ke objek
3. Dolly = Ini biasanya pakai jalur rel tapi kamu bisa pake tangan kamu ke depan dan kebelakang memakai alat bantu , bisa slider / glidecam. Ada dolly in dan dolly out.
4. Track = gerakan mengikuti objek dari kiri ke kanan
5. Pan = Gerakan menunjukan sebuah objek
Itu bisa kamu pelajari satu persatu , tapi tidak usah menjadi patokan karna kamu bisa ciptakan sendiri gerakan-gerakan kamera kamu , sesuai dengan kekreatifitasanmu untuk menggambarkan emosi karakter atau film.
Dan komentar saya EDITING adalah hal penting sekali menurut saya , percuma PERALATAN kamu ada banyak dan bagus bagus , terutama kamera , tapi kamu tidak bisa mengolahnya menjadi satu kesatuan clip yang padu .
Dan banyak orang yang beranggapan FOTOGRAFER itu bisa juga VIDEOGRAPHY , menurut aku, NO . Kenapa? Karena penyesuaian ISO dan APPERTURE setting pada video dan foto itu sangat jauh berbeda , jadi kalau orang itu jago fotografi belum tentu videografi dia juga jago . Mungkin kalau kita fikir secara objektif emang sama , karena video adalah ribuan hingga jutaan gambar yang bergerak , sama seperti konsep fotografi yaitu mengambil gambar . Tapi jelas teknik pengambilan sangat jauh berbeda.
Kurang lebihnya mohon maaf , sesuai dengan apa yang aku ketahui. Kita sama-sama belajar. Thanks

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You actually think your gonna go somewhere with "videotography" HA yea fucking right your what 15? No your pathedic you going no where in life if u think you and your friend Jordan Andrew are gonna be famous

How about you learn to spell VIDEOGRAPHY first, get your teeth straight, and them have an intellectual conversation with me in person about it instead of hiding behind a screen.

So who does the writing, and the production and the graphics, and the videos etc? Like explain the roles

Very complicated question. As far as writing goes, we each do our own writing per song, we may collaborate on writing a piece if we're a part of each other's studio session. Production wise, we currently have one in house producer, Noah. But we've worked with an assortment of other Trinbagonian producers. Graphics wise, our go to guy is Sarkastik. Videography in the past we've worked with Gaddahar Brothers and Creation Nation, with more work to come from the former pretty soon for Nathan Marcelin's new EP.

Kak canon yang buat kalo cuman like hobi foto gitu bagusnya beli yg mana canon or ada merk lain? Is it pricey ?

ko chandra mau nanya kalo bljr videography gitu dmn?? wkwk soalnya saya butuh banget bwt tugas skolah nih

hansel limarga
Belajar sendiri is the best way! You have to set your mind to do things by yourself and not asking for help.. Help.. And help.. Gw belajar videography hanya modal internet and i learn all about videography technic and skill on internet. We have youtube brother, there are so many, i mean literally so many sources you can get, 1 problem you have to manage to get through it, Your willing to learn, DIG THE GOLDEN MINE AND FIND WHAT YOU WANT! #Boom

http://ask.fm/disha_desai_/answer/12687281088 you're a photographer. You must shoot naa. nevermind, > romantic, no you're my brother. > action, no 'm strong. > comedy will do. > intense, your great at it.

Disha Desai
Yes m a photograper. I can also do videography n cinematography. Yes I hav made 2 shortfilms some more comming up and I m nt gonna take you in any film or be with you in any film. No intense no comedy no romantic you are a realy horror
bye -.-

E muốn làm videographer giống a quá. Mà học ngành ấy thì kiếm tiền thế nào anh nhỉ? Anw, thanks for inspiring me. I made my first videography and my family really really liked it :)

Tuỳ vào ngành sản xuất phim cụ thể nào em muốn theo, quảng cáo, quay đám cưới, truyền hình vân vân.

I saw ua videos on youtube They are awesome the lyrics,the direction and ideas The only thing you need a good videography crew search for some good one There are many camera shakes a nd technical faults Well wisher All the best

Faadu Production is about how one can sit home and without any real resources can cater to a large audience. The home videos will never be professional and I guess that's the whole charm of our music and videos.

Anh là 1 con người khá là toàn diện.. nếu không tính đến chuyện tình cảm. Em hơi bất ngờ khi thấy cách anh xử sự với ex-es của mình. Sorry if what i said annoys you :) anw, your videography is the bomb

And how close do you think you are to even know what actually came down between me and my exes? Curious.

My personal opinion...Medtech claims that their members are way better than everyone else especially in photography, videography and event management..what do u think? Plus I've seen n heard how they underestimate everyone else's work..

First of all i seek apologize on behalf of our Medtech Club if these kind of attitude being practice by our members . I believe they have no intention in low grading others in any part of media skills . Do join our media classes and experience how we appreciate anyone even without any basic knowledge on media and technical . Maybe this will help you change that opinion . Btw thankyou for giving me your point of view . Really appreciate it

kia ap muje bata sakhte hai what is media study what type of topic it contains thori se information about it

es me ap ko batate hai k piyari piyari tasweern kese late hai....jk its all about videography and photography and how a camera works with different techniques.

comptr Arts mein kya hai -_- .. software engnrng koi pochta ni hai..Engnrg kr lo koi r :-P me not forcing u just gvng u the suggestion .. a bit shokha o k :-P .. jk k

Hahaha, thankyou but i dont need your suggestions! :)
Bca mai graphic & textile designing, 3D Animations, Drawing & Sketching, Campaigning, Photo & VideoGraphy type chezn hain! :x
Software ka kafi scope hai pr mjy interest nahi :p
Tou bs phir shyd I'll apply for DDS and BCA :')
Liked by: Aisha Hamza Sohail.

I really admire your photography...it's uncanny. What inspired you, if anything, to jump into such a creative art form?

Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I know it's somewhat of an acquired taste.
I've always been into art, more specifically drawing. But the technical skills (or, lack thereof) have always kind of held me back from properly expressing the ideas I wanted to express. I'm a very extreme perfectionist, so I would literally work on a piece for days or weeks and still not be completely satisfied because I could never really get anything the way I wanted it.
I have always been into videography and photography as well (or, at least, since I was maybe 7 or 8), and I would always find myself composing shots even when I didn't have a camera (which I never really did until I was much older, although I did some things with a camcorder). So I've really always been into the creative art forms; I love it all and I've gone through many phases, each involving the use of a different medium. But photography has always been there in the background, so with enough practice (it really only took me a few years to get most of the technical skills I have down since I'd been doing composition and lighting for so long) I realized it was the one medium I could actually somewhat do justice to all my ideas through (somewhat). So I suppose I simply combined my more creative concepts with a medium that I had previously reserved for realism (although I still adore realistic photography and do it constantly).
I don't know, it sounds dramatic but the only thing in my life that still gives me that feeling of accomplishment and that little high I used to always get is photography. I can't imagine what I would do without it...

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kak, aku kan SMK jurusan DKV (sekarang udh alumni :D) di sekolahku pelajaran produktif DKV itu ada photography, videografi trus ada juga mendesain gitu. sama nggak pelajarannya kira2 sm DKV di kampus?

Izzatia Putri
Beda. Photography & Videography belajar juga sih, terus Typography, Branding, Color Theory, Nirmana Datar, MRG, Layout, dan masih banyak lagi. Yang pasti jauh lebih luas dan mendalam. :)

ni r u serious about videography :)...?? do u do it...? tell me more if ur serious.... annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd skecth now !! :O puleez

khadeejah naveed
Haha yes! :3 Shok bohat saaray paalay hue hain :p Here are a few samples of videos made by me. one is basically the event highlights of FAST's annual sports challenge and the other is introductory video of a society :)

TBH : dp kay to baray shashkay hen :D ;) .... background b acha ha :P....liken ye anak q pehni agr us ko hata kar he dekhna tha :O ur bio <3 :P videography :3 pulezz uxplaaain... and i wanna see a sketch ^_^ if u cud please ^_^

khadeejah naveed
Haha yar wo to me shoda sa ;pose maar raha tha ainak neechay kar k :p
Videography to simple si term hai :3
Sketch soon! And thank you! :)

Hahahaha. Thank you. *Takes a bow* Nobody can beat waleed and saad when it comes to dancing though. xD

AHAHAHAHAHA Yes and how you'd be like (-.-)
Such energy, much wow :p
And HANEEN. And Alaya just chilling in the middle of the stage lololol
Dolly khalas videography skills tho, dem feet. :p

I'm buying a dslr camera :) i'm confused between canon d60 and nikon d7100. Plz can u help me decide which is better??

They're both top notch for the category. It all depends on your personal preference i.e. which brand/feel do you prefer. The only difference you'll find in this category is the overall feel of the camera and the UI.
I would personally recommend 60D if you're into Videography and D7200 if you're interested in Photography.

Do you think people now a days when go for sight seeing, Concentrate on photography and videography more and concentrate less on enjoying. Same is with concerts, People start making videos and watch all the concerts through the camera screen. What the point of watching live performance then?

Whenever i go to a concert, i dont go to enjoy the live performance. Its just i love lively environment, some time out with friends, some live fresh music in the airs. Getting lost in all that is amazing. Idk why people focus on the performer at the concert. lol

Look, your in 9th grade. Youve been spoon fed lies about Bin Laden by the media of "your" country while your probably originally hispanic anyways. If you think the CIA creation Bin Laden was a terrorist , explain to me the 1.5 m killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia? Your "9/11" is our 24/

I am originally hispanic, that is true. There is no way of being "originally American"...our country's only 250 years old. In fact, there's no way of being "originally" anything except African. So, insult #1: invalidated. Point #2: What kind of lies? That 9/11 never happened? That there never was a World Trade Center, it was just some videography trick combined with a hologram on the part of the CIA? I can't believe you actually think bin Laden never existed. That takes quite an imagination...the CIA has neither the imagination nor the financial resources to pull off such a large scam. And here's the explanation to the deaths you mentioned: You need to understand that there is a difference between war and terrorism. Terrorism involves attacking unarmed, non-combatants without declaring war. Bombings of civilians in war theaters are often collateral damage validated by the attacker's declaration of war on said nations. The *terrorist* attacks on the World Trade Center were unprovoked. Naturally, if someone decides to heartlessly murder 3,000 *office workers*, the country has a right to seek justice. On their mission to find the asshole responsible for coordinating the attacks, some civilians were *unintentionally* injured as a result. The same military you claim is "heartless" and "murderers" are the brave men and women risking their lives daily by driving out of the green zone and providing humanitarian aid to villagers, securing the streets from the Taliban (unless they don't exist, either?), and working to restore control to the native forces. Do you think the US soldiers *want* to be thousands of miles away from home, with the possibility of getting shot and killed a part of their daily routine? These soldiers want to carry out their orders, and get back home as soon as possible. I really wish people would disassociate politics from citizens. "Oh, he's American, he must be a heartless murderer that hates everybody, thinks he's better than everybody else, and wants to kill people." Seriously, it makes me sick.

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Mmm, Probably, yes! :) Well... what about your ideas for...? ;) 1- Time period of the ceremony 2- Matinée or soirée 3- Food and drinks for guests 4- Wedding cake 5- Entertainment program 6- Videography & photography 7- Method of invitation :D

Hmmm :D!, you make me feel my wedding party will be tomorrow :D
i told you i just have some ideas.., but well i'll answer some of your questions
2) Matinée.
3) 7up with grenadine will be one of the bottles drink ( Self serve )
6) it's new point :D, I'll photograph my bride by my self :D

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