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I bet u can't name the 26 official lana del rey songs hahaha nerd

bet I can
1) born to die
2) off to da races
3)blue jeans
4) video gaaames
5)dew Mountain Dew
6) national anthem
7)dark paradise
8) radio
10) millian dollar man
11)summer time sadness
12) this is what makes us girls
13)without u
14) Lolita
15) lucky ones
16) ride
17) cola
18) American
19) body electric
20) blue velvet
21) gods and monsters
23) bel air
24) burning desire
25)young and bootyful
26) once apon a dream
im a fuckin nerd max it is official

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Who or what made you smile today?

music and then a kid in language arts told me to "stop being so jolly because I'm making everyone else depressed"
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