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"If you tell a girl she can't have something, She wants it even more" Compliments Suburban Girl

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
Hi Lynn how have you been lately? Are you still with your soulmate
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So my babydaddy only comes around when i have money. He thinks im gonna let him used me. I been trying to get away from him. Everyone i try to get away he always finds me idk what else to do.

simonespooner’s Profile PhotoSimone
Meet someone else that's way bigger than baby daddy
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For those of you who are single, are you content in this season of your life? Why or why not?

I haven't been single for more than a few days since I was 16
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BROOOOOOOOO! I just found 10 $100 bills inside of my wallet in my purse! This reminds me of the time I forgot I had a $140 check inside of a christmas card lol. Since I rarely keep cash and always use a card, I forget. Have any of you guys ever found random money you had placed somewhere and forgot?

DerpFucxa’s Profile PhotoKrystee
Brooo I'm so glad the government is taking good care of you..

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Anyone ready for these football games coming up

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoRudolph B
Not this week Alicia B. I'm taking a break cause want a nice weekend where my girl isn't yelling at me about football
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