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On a scale of 0-10, How well can you answer Geometric pattern questions?

0. I never took Geometry in school

If your partner give you a guilt-free pass to have sex (1 night stand) with anyone would you use it?

I don't sleep around. I'm waiting for when God blesses me to marry someday

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Would like the q&a to don’t have the arguing from a “couple ex’s” taking the whole thing over all the time.

Excuse me? Please forgive me, but would you mind explaining what you mean for Im not understanding? Thank you

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Let me ask you this, is life difficult? If yes, why?

Okay where do I start? I'll keep it short & sweet. The answer is yes. Life is extremely difficult, however you are not going to get through it without God. The truth is I could go on for days and days and days all the reasons why. Mostly most people suffer from mental illness. Stress and depression are the main diagnoses. To get through life a long with keeping your faith strong and staying close to God it's very important that you take care of your mental health. So many suffer and so many go undiagnosed. I cannot stress enough how important it is to recognize the symptoms. It's very important that you trust God and that you never give up. Life can be very rewarding. Yes it's extremely difficult, but like
I said you must trust God and leave your life in his hands. Also we live in a very evil and wicked world which makes life very difficult. Like I said I could go on & on & on. So many or so judgemental which also makes life so darn difficult. So many disappointments & set backs. Tbh I'm tearing up just answering this question😭😭😭😭😭. Imo it's so important to be always be mindful of others and bring awareness to kindness and compassion. I cannot stress enough the important and the significance of what a little act of kindness can do & how far it goes. It's also so important to always send messages. So many also take life for granted. Imo it's the tiniest things that mean most. 😭😭😭😭🙏🏽😪
Please forgive me for being all over the place with my answer, but, I speak from my heart and what I know from my experiences. Life has not been kind to me at all, but, I know one thing for sure is that I always try to make a difference whenever I can and to always know how blessed I am to be alive and well. Life is so cruel and so short and so precious. It's not to be taken for granted no matter how difficult it gets. 😭😭😭😭

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Having to pee a lot while having a beer belly💗☺️🍺

Okay That's too much info. Lol! No more plz

That dress is huge. Imagine it would be so hard to have to use the toilet in that huge ass pink dress✨💖🥹☺️

Exactly. I'd take the dress off just by pulling it down and stepping out of it to use the bathroom. Or perhaps I'd wear an adult pull-up and change it after I was done tinkling😂😂😅😂😂😅

I just didn’t want to have face health problems later in the future💗😔🍻

That's wonderful. I'm very proud of you for recognizing that and taking care of yourself. Imo Good health is one of the richest things anybody could have. Even though I'd gained weight I'm so blessed that I'm still in suburb health. It's very important to take care of your health.💖💪

Best thing about my beer belly is peeing a lot💗✨🍺

A little too much information again. Lol?

Having a beer belly made me feel great and sexy. It cheered me up during the pandemic. Rubs and pats it. The best beer belly I always had💗👑🤗☺️💪🏻

You just made me laugh in the midst of me crying😭😭😭😂.

Can you express your feelings with ease? How good are your communication skills?

JasonmohamedAli77’s Profile PhotoSomebody.
Yes, although when sharing about my special angel I get all choked up and the tears just start streaming down my face. I always get emotional thinking about him😭😭😭😭💘🥀
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I remember I woke up that morning growing a beer belly. I looked in the mirror and cried a little. Imagining I would be sexy one day. Went into tears and got emotional💗☺️🥹🍺

Awww Bless your heart. You do know what makes a person sexy is how beautiful their heart and soul is and that it is bound. 🌹 Always remember that. You brought a tear to my eyes. Aww😪🥀

Yes. Being bullied and losing my parents. I was depressed and lived alone. I didn’t have a gf or no girl ever had a crush on me💗😞😢

Awww Bless your heart. I hope and pray God blesses you with the woman of your dreams someday. 🥀🙏🏽

I was depressed and didn’t do much on lockdown. My past I went through and wished I was great. I wanted to be much sexier and happy so I grew a beer belly from drinking💗🍺💪🏻

What do you mean by your past? If you don't mind me asking did you have any traumatic experiences? Awww I'm so sorry. Tbh Drinking never solves anything. Imo it only makes things worse. I'm glad to hear you stopped. 😊💟

During the pandemic In lockdown, I drank lots of beer while drunk and that’s when I grew a beer belly💗🍺

Lol! If you don't mind me asking why did you drink so much. Like what made you turn to drinking?

My weight the past few years because of the pandemic. I gained much weight from that. That’s what happened💗😔

Awww, Well don't feel bad. I too had that experience as well. Tbh I've been so depressed over it.
I'm finally starting to get back in shape. I still have a ways to go. I will share what I've learned from this experience is that these bodies we are in are not our actual bodies. It's only a shell. When we pass away our body doesn't come with us. It's our hearts & souls matter the most and it's what makes us who we are. We will be given new bodies in the next lifetime. I've also learned to accept myself when I gained weight. There is so much more to life than our bodies. Tbh Life is so short and so precious that it doesn't matter what size we are. I'm just so blessed to be alive and well. The funny thing is that the minute I accepted the weight I gained, God opened up all the doors for me to get back into shape. Tbh I'm tearing up as I share this😪. The other funny thing I'd like to share is that I've been patiently waiting for my special angel and I wanted to be in perfect shape before God blesses me with him and now the way I feel is that I'm so ready to be blessed with him and I want him so badly that I could care less whether I'm in top shape or not. I'd run right into his arms the minute he contacts me. See God has a way of helping us accept who we truly are from within. Your true beauty lies from within and tbh I couldn't be more blessed to be the person I am now. Of course getting in shape helps us feel better about ourselves, but, it's not the outer that counts. I've also learned everybody , ,,, Everybody I talk to dreams of being built like me. They say skinny is out. It's not a thing anymore😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Also if I learned my special angel wasn't in shape I could care less. He is all I want. He could be 500 + lbs and I wouldn't care. I love him more than anything in the world and I would kill to be with him right now. So tbh God is the one who put weight on us😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Although I've always ate healthy and I still gained. 😂🙏🏽

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Right now, I’m all normal. I’ll just not talk about what happened the last few years that happened to me that much💗😞

I'm not following? 🤔 Would you mind explaining what you mean or rephrasing please?

Are you enjoying life?

Always. Tbh I'm just so blessed to be alive and well. I never take life for granted. I always make the best out of my situation.🙏🏽😊. How about you? Are u enjoying life?
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Don’t ask me personal questions

Who is this? I don't even know
who you are (with all due respect) nor do I care to ask any personnal questions

Nude on the beach with my beer belly💗🍻💪🏻

I have politely asked you in the past to stop sharing these kinds of posts.
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Us men only want to love and to be loved, women only want 💵

Not all women. I could care less about $$. I choose true love all the way💘

My beer belly button was big and had man boobs. It was sexy being nude💗🍻

Very cute☺️

I’ve done exercising and cardio workouts. I’ve had to drink lots of water and felt the burn a lot after workouts. I’ve had to pee a lot💗☺️

That's great. I've been working out too.🙂. With all due respect, I feel that last sentence is a lil' too much information🤨
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