Ask @Manzin:

Hey Manzin! Is there any picture with you & MM that you really like or maybe it's your favorite? I am looking for inspiration to paint 💜

All but one or two of our photos together are candid "us standing around at parties looking disheveled" stuff. This is the most composed photo available so this is probably my favorite. To date, anyway. I can't wait to see the finished piece! 💚

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Any advice/tips when it comes to eyeshadow? I don't want to fuck up too badly, I can't ask my mom since she absolutely disapproves of me wearing makeup, and plus your eyeshadow skills are quite impressive from what I've seen in photos. :3

Hunter Zimmerman
Thank you! Usually I just go by mood, lately it's been thin eyeliner to my lower waterline and a little purple or red under my lower lashes to give a lovely death's door illness look. Usually I put my darkest color toward the back of the eye, like at 10 and 2 if you think of the eyeball as a clock. And blend that in, and then do a lighter color over the rest of the lid and the very lightest color or a glitter shimmer bit in the center which gives your eye a nice contour. Blending is important (so they say). It can be fun to use a lighter color along the browbone, if you try to blend dark colors up into your eyebrows it looks either super drag queen, super dramatic, or super raccoon-y which isn't always good. I like to smear the colors all the way over to the bridge of my nose, sometimes I'll let it trail to my temple or down to my cheekbone. It all depends on what kind of look I'm attempting and my mood and what colors I have on hand (and how clean my brushes are, trying to put on a light shadow with a brush that's absolutely sodden with heavy dark pigment is an exercise in muddy futility).
There's not really a *right* way to do anything, I do what works for me through a metric fucktonne of trial and error. Such trials. And good christ, such errors. STILL. Just keep a light hand. You can always add more, but it's a total bitch to take it off and try to regain lost ground without messing up your foundation. :\

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What's your favorite brand of black lipstick?

Arielle Shea
Usually I just end up coloring in my lips with pencil liner and throwing a dark purple over it, or painting them in with liquid liner or a black creme makeup. I recently got Kat von D liquid to matte "Witches" but other than that I don't own any black lipstick. And I've only worn the KVD a time or two but no complaints so far other than wishing someone could invent a waterproof matte so it'd stick to the inside of your lips too. I hate having to reapply the inner circle periodically, the reason I buy budgeproof lipstick is so I won't have to worry about migration over the course of a night.

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1) What are your feelings on Slipknot's music? 2) what do you think the vibe of the upcoming tour will be? Is it bothersome or problematic that MM is essentially an opener as opposed to co-headliner?

I've heard a few of their singles and it doesn't do much for me. Maybe it's more compelling live, I don't know. Most music warms up a bit when you put it into a Manson context, like "aw I was at the show when they played this, that was such a fun night" so even if the song wasn't initially decent it becomes so through the MM lens.
The vibe will probably be quite a bit rougher than the past few summer tours as Alice Cooper was practically family-friendly with all the little kids and older metalheads in the crowd and Billy Pumpkins' crowd was a bunch of weed-scented marshmallows. I expect Slipknot's crew to contrast very nicely with that, I'm looking forward to having the edge sharpened back to where it was for the Mayhem festivals.
I'm somewhat annoyed that he's opening instead of co-headlining. I don't know why it isn't a double bill, it implies that SK is better or more popular than Manson (both of which are complete lies) so I don't know if it was a financial issue or what, can't imagine why that's happening. Maybe the headliner is more responsible for the money end of things and Manson's saving his pennies for his own headlining tour later this year for the ACSS anniversary (which is hugely wishful thinking on my part). Usually they do summer festivals to raise money for their own projects, he could be banking for a new album as well. We don't know, he's been really quiet in the media with interviews that'd give us any window into what's on the horizon. The only benefit of Manson opening for a band that may or may not be absolute crap is that you can leave before the traffic gets bad.

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